WORCESTER football star Charlie Lutz has secured a two-year scholarship with Premier League outfit Aston Villa.

The 16-year old from Northwick, Worcester, has been with the club since he was eight and his dad Steve Lutz explains how hard his son has worked to get where he is but now the hard work begins.

The youngster will spend the next two years living and breathing football, whilst also living away from home in what is a big step for Charlie.

"Until now it's been a 90 mile round trip from Worcester to Birmingham most days of the week," dad Steve explains.

"Now he will have to move out of home and move up to Birmingham and live in accommodation close to Villa's base and then be there most of the time and that's a big deal for a young lad.

“We are all so proud of him.

"My wife Shelly and his grand parents on both sides, as well as my daughter Amelia all deserve credit but they're all so proud of him and all want to make sure he gets the well done he deserves.

“Lots of kids his age can get distracted by all the things out there but he is like an old head on young shoulders.

“He is razor-sharp focused on what he wants to do and who he wants to become.

“He knows that this is where the hard work really starts, he has worked hard to get here but he has to continue to develop and work hard."

Up until now Charlie has been studying at The Bishop Perowne College and has been juggling football with his GCSE's but now for him it's all been worth it.

Charlie will start the two-year gig with Villa in September and the hope is he will play in the under 18s and try and push his way into the under 23s side.

"He's been doing really well at school," said Steve.

"Based on his mock exams he will good grades, but he's been having to juggle school work and still keep everything at a good level with his football, is a testament to him.

"Villa have been really clear when it comes to school work; if it's not at the standard it needs to be then they will have issues.

"Villa don't allow the lads to just think they're going to make it to professional and not do any school work, they want to produce well rounded human beings as well as footballers

“Charlie will pretty much live and breathe football for two years now,” said Steve.

"This is obviously a big moment for him as he's got two years now towards trying to get a senior contract and become a professional footballer."