EX-WORCESTER Raiders' chairman Kevin Jenkins has opened up on his departure from the club, explaining he left of his own accord and it was not due to any fall-out or bad feeling.

Jenkins started Worcester Raiders' first team back in 2009, bringing back players he had coached 10 years before and leading the side into the West Midlands league, where they now reside.

He then stepped down from his role in April last year, admitting the situation with Covid made him pause for thought and after many years involved with football, considered it the right time to step away.

"Up until April last year I'd been involved in the football structure for 21 years," said Jenkins.

"Throughout the week, every weekend of the football season, I was out with Raiders from eight in the morning until eight in the evening.

"If we were at home I'd be preparing food and even getting the beers in for the boys after games.

"Raiders was my life really and at the end of every season I used to always take stock and reflect.

"Once Covid hit and lockdown came and football ceased, I realised there was more to life than football."

Jenkins admits it was a difficult decision to make but insists rumours suggesting he fell out with members of the club are well wide of the mark.

"I had many sleepless nights, it was one of those decisions not taken lightly," he added.

"I spoke to Karl (manager) and Chris (co-manager) and discussed the situation with them, saying I wanted to call it a day.

"They tried to persuade me to stay but I needed to step away for a while.

"I didn't fall out with anybody, I didn't leave under a cloud, it was just a case of the right time to step away

"There were rumours I left because I had fallen out with people or left because I was pushed out, so I feel like I needed to set the record straight.

"I left for family reasons, for my own reasons."

Jenkins remains a big Worcester Raiders fan and looks back on his time with the club fondly and believes Raiders are in good hands under current chairman Steve Harris.

"I still watch Raiders and I couldn't have left the club in healthier hands than Steve's (Harris)," he added.

"I still go along to the games and I speak to everyone down there, I enjoy doing that hugely.

"I had a list of goals and aims to achieve at Raiders and I ticked them all apart from surpassing Worcester City.

"People tried to convince me to stay but knowing me I would have stayed on one season too many."