THE FA are considering the possibility of allowing promotion at steps 5-7 of the non-league pyramid as plans to restructure continue to be discussed.

The non-league season between steps three and six were ended last month after a majority of clubs voted in favour of concluding the leagues null and void.

But the official line from the FA was that they had "curtailed" the leagues, not null and void, leaving it unknown as to what will happen with promotion.

Talks of a restructure between steps four and six have been on the cards since last season and Anthony Hughes, Southern League vice chairman and a member of the FA Alliance Committee, has said that a restructure is not out of the question.

"It's on the table but far from certain it will go ahead," he told BBC Three Counties Radio's Non-League Show.

"If I'm being brutally honest steps 3&4 would have been content for the restructure to not come in for next season and carry on as normal.

"The appetite was there from the league's at step five and six to see if it's possible for the restructure to happen for next season.

"In all honesty as the vice chairman of the southern league, I thought it would be pretty selfish of me to deny them that opportunity if that's what the clubs and leagues really want.

"The Northern Premier League would get the extra division and a few clubs might be moved but that's as much impact as it will have.

"If we turn around top steps five and six and said we didn't want this to happen, it would be extremely selfish."

This could well be huge for the likes of Worcester Raiders and Malvern Town, who are both top of their respective divisions at step 6.

But Hughes admits a solution must be found that works for as many clubs as possible.

"But there is a caveat to that, there has to be a suitable mechanism that works for everybody," he added.

"What we don't want is that clubs at other steps feel aggrieved that their situation hasn't been taken into account.

"If it leads to difficulties then I don't think it can go ahead but if a mechanism can be found for it to go ahead then i think it's possible.

"Where we are at the moment is that we've asked the FA to go and see if they can produce a list of pros and cons to see whether it will be feasible and in the mean time that will involve consulting clubs certainly at steps five and six."