A BRAND new era for women’s football in Worcester is set to begin following the announcement that former Tottenham Hotspur Women’s General Manager Nicole Allison and business partner Mark Howard would head up ‘Worcester City Women FC Ltd’.

City’s women’s side will now become a separate entity for the first time in a move designed to promote, develop and encourage women’s football in Worcester.

The team currently play at step five of the women’s football pyramid, much like their male counterparts, which had been before now integrated with the men’s development set-up and did not exist on its own.

Allison and Howard will form a board of four with Worcester City chairman Steve Goode and director Luke Cox, as they look to build something special.

“We want to have a really great women’s football club that the community can be proud of,” said Allison.

“I am a Worcester girl so I was brought up here and I didn’t have huge opportunities to play myself when I was younger because there wasn’t really any football in Worcester for girls, so I had to play in Wolverhampton with Wolves, where I spent most of my playing career.

“Over the last 10/12 years I have been living in London and spent a bit of time in the US and Germany where I have done quite a lot of work within the business side of the game. So this was a great opportunity for me to come back to Worcester, after moving here last summer, and actually take my skills and my expertise and investment to creating a separate entity, which is now Worcester City Women’s FC Limited.”

Alisson stated that there is a joint push to kick start the women’s game at the club, with the men’s board very much on side and together, they share Allison’s big ambitions.

“We are very much aligned with each other (Women’s and Men’s team), I think the board at Worcester City Men’s have been fantastic. The moment I came to them with my plan, they made it clear how much they were willing to support us in doing that.

“But they recognised they didn’t have that expertise, so they wanted me to head it but are of course all very supportive so it’s very much a one club approach.

“We are aware that we are tier five but we have a long term vision to take the club to the Women’s Super League (WSL). My background being at Tottenham in the women’s game, I have got that experience and a network within those elite levels of women’s football, I know what it takes to become a WSL club so that is where our focus lies but we have a way to go before all of that of course”.

Allison, a long with Howard, Goode and Cox want to eventually reach the bright lights of the Women's Super League but are realistic in their approach and have formed a long-term and a short to medium term plan to help guide them.

"Being realistic is absolutely key for us because this is very much a long term plan," said Allison.

"Football has got a tendency to be quite short term and think, right, let’s through a load of money and we can do what we want very quickly and that’s just not the case. We are very focussed on building that long term approach.

"We have a short to medium term plan and a long term plan. That short to medium plan being in the next two to three years we want to promote out of tier five and be in tier four, pushing to get promoted into tier three as well.

"What is important for us is the focus isn’t purely on just winning, it’s about creating an environment for players and coaches to be able to win. I am a firm believer in that if you create the winning environment, the winning will be a by product of that, so what we have to do is create that’s sort of environment.

"That includes facilities, resources, partnerships working within the environment; that will be my key focusses. And that will allow the players and coaches to do what they are best at, which is playing and coaching, developing people.

"If we can do that, I firmly believe that success will be shown on the pitch through being promoted from tier five into tier four and making sure we are a competitive side within tier four in the next two years and then be able to look at how we can develop further."