MALVERN RFC director of rugby Rob Cook insists the imminent return of rugby is exciting for all involved at the club, as Spring Lane opens its doors to players and coaches again on Monday after a near four months out.

During the third national lockdown in the last year, non-elite sport has been suspended but as of Monday, March 29, local sports clubs up and down the country will be able to welcome back both players and coaches.

Cook admits it’s been a difficult past 12 months for the game at grassroots level.

“I don’t think any clubs come out of this that well,” he said.

“We are really grateful to our members and our sponsors who have continued to support us through all of this. The club is running a loss this year which we try not to do but we have done our best and I don’t think the club is in the worse situation as some other clubs are, but we have lost money this year.

“But now we’re just looking forward to getting back to the club, utilising what we have there and hopefully opening the bar and beer garden when we’re back, getting back to it, seeing some rugby."

Despite the game returning after such a long time out, Cook appreciates there needs to be a gradual approach to introducing players back to contact.

"There is no hurry to get back playing," he said.

"There is probably a case for just enjoying the rest of the season of what we have and start fresh next season but we should be putting an opportunity up there for players that do want to play, but there is no rush.

The last thing you want to do is get back to full contact in may when we’re allowed to and inside the first week get a load of injuries, because boys/men/girls/women are not prepared for the contact. Realistically at the moment you’re only now allowed to do 20 min of contact training so to then turn that into a full 80 minutes of contact in a game, players/coaches/clubs have to be really careful.

They have to be sensible, play the game sensibly when we can again, people won’t be conditioned for it so it has to be safe and at the right level.

Training resumes down at the club for seniors, colts and the youth set-up next week. Stay up to date with all updates on their website ( and social media sites; Twitter - @MalvernRugby; Instagram - @malvernrfc; Facebook - Malvern RFC.