WORCESTER Warriors’ head coach Jonathan Thomas has offered his view on the rumoured ring-fencing of England’s top-flight competition, the Gallagher Premiership, admitting there are arguments to be had on both sides.

The Daily Mail reported on Monday that relegation from the Premiership was to be suspended for four years and the league to be expanded to 14 teams.

There has been no update since and we await any official word but Thomas says that any decision must be made for the right reasons, whilst also accepting the financial difficulties Covid has caused .

"If that's a decision they are thinking about, there has to be a really good reason why," he said.

"With relegation, there's drama but it depends what drama you want. You don't want the drama of clubs going out of business or the drama of people making poor choices because of the challenge covid has brought.

"I suppose what clubs need is a period of stability and a period to be able to get back on their feet."

Thomas recalls one of his favourite rugby memories as a player, the Championship play-off final against Bristol back in 2015, and uses that memorable day as an example of what would be lost with ring-fencing.

"One of the most dramatic scenes I have experienced was our play-off victory over Bristol, I still get goosebumps thinking about it," said Thomas.

"You never want to deprive teams of that opportunity and you don't want to lose the product that is the Premiership and the drama that goes with it. But I don't think you necessarily lose that if the league is ringfenced."

The ex-Welsh international lock did suggest a solution that might benefit all, a middle ground.

"We all want the best product but we also want sustainability in this country and what that looks like I don't know. I think the balance lies somewhere in between," he added.

"Could you ringfence for a certain amount of time and then, if a club can clearly prove that they have the facilities, the squad strength and the finances to come up, then they should have the opportunity to.

Whether that be a play off or bottom of the prem plays the top of champ every two thee years - I think that probably appeals to everyone because it still gives that window of opportunity to that Worcester of the nineties or the Exeter of the 2000's.

"I know a couple of coaches at Cornish Pirates and they have huge ambitions, as do Ealing, so I would never want to kill their spirit or to deny a club the chance to come up."