Police in Worcestershire are appealing for witnesses after two officers were struck by fireworks in The Cross following England's defeat.

At around 10pm, fireworks were thrown into the crowds in the area of St Nicholas Street, Worcester.

Sergeant Pete Frankish, from the local Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “This was extremely reckless by the person responsible, with the potential for injury being high due to the amount of people in the immediate vicinity.

"As a result of fireworks being thrown two police officers were struck but luckily were uninjured.”

Screams and shouts could be heard as people in the crowd panicked and attempted to escape the firework let off among those congregating after England's defeat.

Officers managed to identify a man in the crowd who was seen to be trying to conceal a firework.

He attempted to run but was detained and arrested.

Officers also seized a bag of fireworks containing three smoke bombs and seven Hong Kong candles.

The Hong Kong candles are a Category F3 Display Fireworks meaning they are intended for display, to be used outdoors in large open areas such as fields.

Officers are appealing to anyone who witnessed the incident, or who may have footage of it to contact PC Figueiredo on 07814 040007 or via the police's website, quoting incident 544i of 11 July 2021.