WORCESTER Warriors' season ticket holders have labelled the club's decision to charge for an upcoming friendly "a slap in the face".

The fury began when the club announced the pre-season match against Connacht, September 3, would be free for season ticket holders while the friendly the following week against Glasgow Warriors, dubbed ‘The Clash’, would not.

Many fans claim this to have been free in previous years and so flocked to social media to express their displeasure at the club’s decision especially after spending hundreds of pounds on season tickets in the last two seasons while many matches were played behind closed doors.

One fan, Paul Ward, wrote: “Is this is what Worcester Warriors means with their ‘time for change’ slogan? The management really must be in cuckoo land. Is this how they treat loyal supporters?

“Although the club has not had gate receipts, they have had assistance from the Government in furlough and grants. Some businesses received nothing and have had to survive the last 18 months on whatever they could earn.”

Another fan, Phil Roberts, wrote: “I'm usually fighting the club’s corner but taking away games that are usually included in our ST and giving us one back as a 'thank you' after spending hundreds of pounds over the last two seasons for almost no actual return (game attendance) feels like a bit of a slap in the face to be honest.”

Robert Phillips, a season ticket holder of 15 years, added: “What are they thinking lol crazy.

“Shows the times we're living in right now and how desperate everyone is to start making money again I suppose.”

The club has responded to the criticisms, confirming that the decision to include pre-season friendlies as part of the season ticket package is a discretionary one and determined on a game-by-game basis.

The statement continued: “In recent seasons we have charged for pre-season matches against Melbourne Rebels, Argentina and the Barbarians.

"‘The Clash’ with Glasgow Warriors is a similar high-profile fixture with associated costs involved in staging the game."

The club added that fans will gain access to an additional game due to the expansion of the Gallagher Premiership while season ticket prices for returning fans were down 10 per cent from the 2019/20 prices.