ONE Worcestershire youth team have been suspended from action following “vile verbal abuse” towards a young official.

The Worcestershire FA confirmed on Thursday afternoon that they had taken the action on the so-far unnamed club until investigations have been concluded, whilst also confirming two other youth sides were under investigation regarding similar issues.

A statement from the Worcestershire FA on Facebook read: “Following reports of ridiculous and unacceptable behaviour towards three referees last weekend in youth football, we can confirm the following.

“At least one youth team will not be playing again until investigations are complete (due to vile verbal abuse towards an U18 referee).

“Two other youth teams are currently under investigation and a number of matches this weekend will have a County FA observer in attendance.”

They also added: “EVERYONE must show respect towards our match officials, and each other, at all times. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

“Spectators DO NOT have any right whatsoever to shout at OR approach a referee to ask questions about decisions either during or after a match.

“A lack of respect and this type of behaviour is not acceptable and strong action will be taken by BOTH Discipline and Safeguarding when this is reported.”

Last week it was reported that the previous weekend, two sides were under investigation following suggestions referees were verbally abused by spectators and/or players.