AFTER it was revealed that Steve Diamond has returned to the Gallagher Premiership to join the coaching set-up at Worcester Warriors, it has thrown up some questions.

Diamond’s official role is ‘Lead Rugby Consultant’ and will be working with both Jonathan Thomas and Alan Solomons in a new system.

Thomas was named as head coach at Warriors back in January of this year and has since become the face of the coaching staff as director of rugby Alan Solomons took a step back.

This new three-pronged attack has not been used by the club before and maybe not surprisingly it has given some fans a bit more to ponder. 

Diamond’s role is to support the coaching staff and report directly back to Solomons, whilst Thomas will report to the former Sale man.

Diamond has a reputation for his straight-talking, direct approach to rugby coaching, but his experience and CV speaks for itself.

Diamond was largely responsible for taking Sale from a struggling side on and off the pitch into a side that was competing at the top end of the Premiership table and incredibly tough to beat.

Worcester fans will be hoping he can work his magic at Warriors and guide them in a similar direction.

"There has been a lot of change here in the last 12 months," added Jonathan Thomas

"So many players and coaches have left and we have brought many in so we knew there was going to be a big change.

"And now for Steve coming in, it's really exciting.

"He has good experience and will add value and support to myself and the other coaches and add value to all the good going on at the club."

Thomas continued to explain how Diamond will also help his personal development as a young coach: "I am really excited about it and I am confident we will have a really good working relationship.

"He is refreshingly honest and direct - characteristics I like in a person; the sort of people where you know where you stand.

"I have worked with the likes of Shaun Edwards, Pat Lam, Warren Gatland and they have always been direct individuals and they are the kind of characters I like to work with so it will be good for me working with Steve."

Diamond will now become the first contact for Thomas as the hierarchy at Worcester remains with Solomons at the top.

"Nothing has changed for me as head coach," he said.

"I am still responsible for the team and the coaching programme and managing and leading the rugby department.

"Steve is here to guide and help us develop so its important we have a good relationship, that's the biggest thing. If he gives good advice then I'll be foolish not to listen.

"The only thing that has changed for me is the reporting lines. So now I report to the lead rugby consultant and not the director of rugby, so I now report directly to Steve Diamond as opposed to Alan Solomons."

And for Thomas, he sees the addition of Diamond as a chance for him and his coaching team to really concentrate on the rugby.

"I have no interest to be a director of rugby at my age or working higher up or getting involved with the politics and that side of the game," he said.

"I want to be coaching , that's what I'm passionate about.This new format allows us to go and coach, do what we're paid to do and we're all excited about the relationship we can build."