BOTH Gloucester Rugby and Worcester Warriors have now both put their arguments forward and a decision regarding the cancelled derby almost a month ago will be revealed on Thursday.

Worcester representatives, including boss Steve Diamond, went to London on Tuesday to sit in front of the independent panel, which was led by Sport Resolutions UK.

"The panel seemed very fair," said Diamond.

"We sat with them today also to do their deliberations and both parties will be informed of the outcome at 4pm tomorrow.

"They were never going to rush and they had to listen to all the evidence from both sides, they have to look at the regulations and see how they can be interpreted, one way or another.

"I was very impressed with the panel and they were very fair. A very senior legal judge was the chair and two other pro solicitors, were his assistants and we will see what comes out in the wash.

"Our case was very simple. We out forward a case of Covid, which the panel have listened to.

"Gloucester have attempted to state that it probably wasn't Covid , but we have the medical people who have put their opinions over and we will see what the panel make of it.

"Not too concerned at this moment having spent two days with them so far."