STEVE Diamond revealed that his players were offered the option to not play their game with Newcastle on Saturday, but a unanimous vote ensured the game went ahead.

And what a good job they did as they produced a stellar performance in thrashing their visitors 39-5 at Sixways.

With potential suspension coming on Monday, Warriors may well have played their final game for a few weeks at least but what a way to go out, Diamond added.

"We went out with a bang today," he said.

"Newcastle caught us on a bad day. A lot of emotion running through the team and the crowd and good to see a good result as well.

"We had a vote yesterday, whether we played or not. It was virtually unanimous. There was a big risk, especially if we go into suspension on Monday.

"But they said to a man they wanted to play and that performance mirrored that.

"They are insured for injury but if the potential buyer does not come in and admin happens, and there is still no buyer, there is no rugby left here.

"Thank goodness there was no serious injuries today. But they happen so it was a relief there were no injuries."

Administration seems the most likely outcome now for the club and Monday looks set to see Warriors suspended from all competition by the RFU.

There is an element of the unknown now for all involved, including Diamond.

"The building is insured until 5pm on Monday so we are not allowed to use the facility," he added.

"The residents on site are being chucked out at 5. There is no plan after that right now.

"The players will now have a week off and then hopefully we can then train at Worcester RFC across the road the week after.

"But I don't know how quick the process will be."