Premiership rugby chief Simon Massie-Taylor has revealed his plans to "re-launch the league" following the downfall of Wasps and Worcester Warriors.

The 2024/25 campaign has been earmarked for the re-birth of Premiership Rugby, as the league looks to recover from a turbulent period off the field.

Rob Calder, the former commercial director of The Hundred , has joined Premiership Rugby as chief growth officer in order to help the new process.

Next season will be used as a 'transition' year according to Massie-Taylor, as the league figures out what will happen with the now 11-team league after Wasps and Worcester were relegated.

Premiership Rugby has outlined a number of areas to be focussed on, with relegation and promotion one of those, as well as giving more attention to developing the Championship.

As it stands there is no promotion from and further relegation to from the Championship this season.

Either way, strengthening the second tier to ensure a robust promotion and relegation system in the future is now a priority.

"There is an extreme willingness to have a more aligned second tier, because we think that will help it grow," said Massie-Taylor.

"How that works is a topic of conversation at the moment, and linked to that is what happens next season as far as promotion and relegation, because we obviously need to let our Championship colleagues know the rules of engagement.

"You want a Championship which clubs feel more comfortable relegated into. And you also want something where Wasps and Worcester are germinated back to being a successful club again - because we want Wasps and Worcester back in the Premiership."