RGS Worcester came out on top in their Superball Netball fixture with King's School Worcester last weekend in front of a sell-out crowd at the University of Worcester Arena.

The event saw the first and second teams from each school go head-to-head and it was RGS who won both. 

The evening got off to an exciting start with the 2nd team squads competing in a thrilling game which saw RGS take an early lead, which they held to the end to win the clash 31-21.

Then for the main event as the two first teams from the respective schools took to the court, cheered on buy a raucous crowd under the Arena roof. 

There were some stand-out names within the RGS first team squad, including rugby international Haineala Lutui, who was released by the England Under 18 set-up to take part, as well as England Under 23 Hockey player Alice Atkinson.

Worcester News: RGS Worcester beat King's Worcester in the Netball SuperballRGS Worcester beat King's Worcester in the Netball Superball (Image: RGS Worcester)

Severn Stars players Izzy Thompson and Ella Goddard were also included in the side, outlinging the quality on show.

But the match proved to be closely contested and that was evident at half time with the score at 27-26 to RGS Worcester.

RGS’s Head of Netball, Miss Ellie Gibbons, herself a Superleague Netball player for Surrey Storm, shared some of her experience and prepared the girls for the second half.

Worcester News: RGS Worcester beat King's School Worcester in Netball SuperballRGS Worcester beat King's School Worcester in Netball Superball (Image: RGS Worcester)

In the final quarter, with only five minutes of play left on the clock, the score was 35-35 with all to play for, but the RGS team pulled clear to score goal after goal as their supporters cheered them on. 

And the 650-strong RGS supporter fanbase were on their feet at the full-time whistle as the game ended with RGS taking it 41-36.

RGS Head of Netball, Miss Ellie Gibbons said: "It has been so exciting to see all the hard work that has been put in by the girls in the lead up to ‘Superball’, and I am thrilled to witness this hard work pay off for them, with the opportunity to show everybody just how brilliant they are.

"Thank you to parents and staff members who have supported the RGS Netball teams this season."