FA Cup: updates from Worcester City vs Dudley Town

Our live feed has now finished.

  • Full-time: City 3 (Hart 13, Montieth 16, Hartley 52 ) Dudley 0
  • City: Parry, Monteith, Layton, Keightley, Mace (C), Dinsley, Gater, Lockett, Hartley, Reid, Hart.
  • Subs: Stoddart, Sheehan, Taylor-Randle, Hussain, Flowers, Thompson-Brown, Batchelor.
  • Dudley: Hawkes, Archer, Boswell, Hunt, Beddall, Perry (C), Jones, Colley, Waddison, Danks, Crook.
  • Subs: Mitchell, Crump, Armstrong, Allen, Hennessy, Hurdman.

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