FORMER Pershore Town manager Danny Janes has explained the reasons behind his decision to leave the club at the end of last season and why he turned down the Worcester City job.

Janes led The Plums to six trophies during his 18 months in charge; including the 2022/23 Hellenic League Division One title, which he lifted just weeks before stepping down from his role. 

There was confusion at his decision to leave a side that had just won promotion, but Janes explained it was for 'selfish reasons'. 

"The decision to step away, one that I understand was frowned upon, was for my development," he said in an exclusive interview with the Worcester News.

Worcester News: Danny Janes and his coaching staff with the Worcestershire Senior Cup trophy in 2022Danny Janes and his coaching staff with the Worcestershire Senior Cup trophy in 2022 (Image: Geoff Moore)

"I want to manage as high as possible so to step back and reflect, plan and observe over the last three months has meant I have learned a lot more than when I was in management.

"When you are a manager, your focus is on the club so you don’t have time to refine yourself as a manager, so it was good in the long term to come away and reflect.

"The next job will be a big step for me, I will be in a better place, so the decision to leave Pershore was purely for selfish reasons."

Just before Pershore went on to secure that Division One title, there was concrete interest in Janes from Worcester City, who were in a really bad way following a disastrous start to the 2022/23 campaign.

A number of managers came and went and Janes was approached by City.

And it was only because of a two-hour-long conversation in the kitchen of right-hand man Tom Milward's house that Janes did not take the job.

Worcester News: Danny Janes (far left) and assistant manager Tom Milward (far right) Danny Janes (far left) and assistant manager Tom Milward (far right) (Image: Geoff Moore)

"It was a yes from me initially," admitted Janes. "I met City on the Sunday and we had a good chat.

"They are such a big club and the excitement for me was there, the fanbase was what pulled me in the most.

"My mind was yes, I just needed time to think about it. But after chatting with Tom (Milward) for two hours in his kitchen that same night, we broke it down and decided we had to finish the job at Pershore.

"Without Tom it probably would have happened but we stuck by that decision and I guess it turned out well for everyone involved.

"Was it the right decision? I do not know. It felt right because of what we did at Pershore and I felt a loyalty there to finish the job. We owed it to Pershore and ourselves to finish what we started and get that promotion, which we went on to do.

"But I always think 'what if' with City because I would have loved the privilege."

As it was, City turned to former player Chris Cornes and after avoiding relegation in 22/23, he and City have gone from strength to strength and now sit top of the Hellenic League Premier and have suffered just two defeats in all competitions this season.

Worcester News: Worcester City are flying under manager Chris Cornes so far this seasonWorcester City are flying under manager Chris Cornes so far this season (Image: Through The Lens)

"I'm delighted for Chris," said Janes. "Quite clearly, having seen how they have gone this season, it all worked out well and the right decision was made by everyone."

Despite being away from the touchline, Janes and Milward have been keeping busy; watching players and different teams on a weekly basis and Janes admits the pair are now ready for the next challenge.

Janes confirmed a selection of four Worcestershire sides are on their watch-list: "Everyone says it is a break from football and, time-wise, it’s been easier but the work has not stopped.

"We have been to plenty of games to watch players, kept in touch with those we have worked with before. The process has already been carried out and we now think we are ready.

"The plan is for next season but there are four teams we are interested in so if they come in now we would consider.

"I still think I need to develop and get better but I have a squad in mind and a handful of players I would take with me wherever I go.

"In terms of my goals, I want to go as high as I can, I'm not scared to say Step 2 is where I want to get to.

"Full-time would be difficult but I don’t see why I can't go right to the top. That’s not me being arrogant but what I'm doing compliments that, I want to improve and I need to improve.

"I back myself and the next step, next job, I think I will succeed."