WORCESTER City continue to chase their winning club record and are now only three games away from matching that run of 14 victories on the spin set back in the 1976/77 season.

The 3-1 win at Wolverhampton Casuals in the second-round of the Isuzu FA Vase was their 11th win in a row in all competitions and it's fair to say Chris Cornes' side are firing on all fronts.

But two players who have played a huge part in their success has been the central midfield duo of Connor Gater and Calvin Dinsley.

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31-year-old Gater and 33-year-old Dinsley were signed in the summer by Cornes having both experienced playing at higher levels in previous years and it has shown on countless occasions this season.

Cornes was rightly thrilled to bring them both to the club and now he believes there are a few that could claim to be better.

"You couldn’t go and get a better midfield duo than those two at this level," said Cornes. "They boss the games for us.

"They defend for us, they start our attacks, they control the game and when they are in there together and are bang on it, there are not many better at this level or maybe even the level above.

"They are so proactive, they win so many second balls."

The combination has worked wonders so far. In Dinsley they have a right-footed player who loves a tackle and is an intimidating physical presence in the middle. On Saturday in the Vase, there was not a single 50:50 he didn't win and any time there was a second ball or a loose ball in midfield, he was always first to it.

In the left-footed Gater, they have composure and calmness on the ball. He keeps attacks moving and mops up play incredibly well. But both can do each other's job too and that's why it works so well, they are adaptable and interchangeable. 

"The two of them are chalk and cheese," added Cornes. "But to have a left foot and right foot in the middle, it’s so good for us.

"The number of blocks and ground Dino (Dinsley) makes, it’s astonishing at times and he beats himself up a little bit but that’s just him and he’s brilliant. He wins everything and no one goes past him, but he is also so good on the ball.

"We are trying to get Connor on the ball and moving forward a bit more because that’s how he used to play. He’s getting stronger and fitter as the games go on and so he will only improve."