The fate of Worcester Warriors has taken a positive turn according to the supporters trust.

Worcester Warriors Supporters Trust (WWST) have revealed that two representatives met with the current owner of the club, Chris Holland, to discuss future plans and potential roles for the trust.

According to WWST society secretary David Verralls and chairman Marcus Mulcahy, there has been significant progress since late October 2023, when the last murmurings of the club's sale were heard.



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The pair were invited to meet with the owner, Holland, on Tuesday, February 6.

"Chris Holland was kind enough to reiterate how his involvement in Warriors came about.

"His tale of how he became the inadvertent owner of two rugby clubs could, perhaps, be the subject of a new film by 'Hollywood director Beau Kerouac'", WWST wrote.

Immediate priorities were to balance the books by cutting the costs of running such a large facility, while also increasing its earnings.

WWST wrote: "We were pleased to hear of significant progress on both fronts thanks to the management and 21 staff members still employed."

Rumours of plans to return the Worcester Warriors men's team to the RFU's tier two competition in 2025/26 were said to be the "clear objective of those in control at Sixways".

Worcester News:

The trust believes that this signals a positive point in the Warriors' trajectory, and that they are on target to re-join the competition in September 2025.

Mr Verralls emphasised WWST's commitment to assisting in facilitating a return during the meeting, where various assistance options were reportedly discussed and well-received, with the trust offered regular progress meetings in future.

The board, however, has substantial work ahead in bringing these ideas to fruition.

The trust adds that "many other details" were also discussed during the 90 minute meeting that "cannot be publicly posted due to the nature of business transactions and the confidentiality of others".

The pair concluded: "It is our strong belief that the direction of travel is firmly back on course; we are hugely optimistic that we will be part of a packed crowd watching Worcester Warriors begin a new campaign at Sixways in September 2025."

Worcester Warriors stopped competitive rugby after being suspended from competing in the Gallagher Premiership following HMRC winding up petition in 2022.