SATURDAY saw Hanley Swan demolish Bishops Cleeve in a game that puts the team safely in the middle of the table. 

The home side scored two goals in the opening half to setup a comfortable lead which puts them seventh in the Cheltenham Association Football League.

Hanley then went on to score another three goals, before Bishops Cleeve B scored a consolation goal from a set piece. 

Gerald Chukwuemeka scored a hat-trick along with Cathal McTernan and Mark Thomas each bagging a goal. 

Opposing player, Jay Woolnough also scored. 

Chris Bunn from Hanley Swan Football Club said: "It was a really good match. 

"We have our cup final on May 10  and we have played three games in the last six days. 

"We have won two and lost one which I am putting down to fatigue and a fixture build up because of the weather, but we have coped really well. 

"At the game against Bishops Cleeve the weather was quite nice and the pitch had a nice playing surface which suits our playing style. 

The team is preparing for the Minor Charity Cup Final against Kings by playing another two games on Saturday and Tuesday. 

As a result, the team has stopped training to prevent injuries and keep key players at their best.