MORE than forty cyclists gathered at Severn Stoke for an Open Ten Mile Time Trial hosted by Worcester St John's Cycling Club.

Thirteen club members took part in the event with Andrew Daniel achieving third overall male with a time of 12:22:07; Nigel Jinks was first in the 70-plus age group with a time of 12:26:54 and Juliet Wallace-Mason was first in the 50-plus female category in 12:28:13.

Tim Wood, Stuart Day and Martin Lines from local Team Echelon won the team competition with Tim Wood also first overall male in 12:21:11.

Worcester News:  FIRST: Nigel Jinks first 70 plus age group FIRST: Nigel Jinks first 70 plus age group (Image: Contributed)

Main results

1st Junior: Luke Mannings, WFCRC in 12:21:09;

2nd overall male Stuart Day, Team Echelon in 12:22:02

1st overall female: Diana Egerton-Warburton, Team Enable in 12@23:30

2nd overall female: Alice Connor, London Academy Racing in 12:23:40

2rd overall female: Denise Burrows, AeroCoach in 12:24:40

1st 40+ male: Kev Satterthwaite, Gorilla Coffee CC in 12:23:22 (Road Bike)

1st 50+ male: Philip Marks, Stratford CC in 12:22:09

1st 60+ male: Simon Dighton, Beacon Roads CC in 12:22:19

1st 80+ male: Brian Lewis, Royal Dean Forest CC in 12:33:35

1st 60+ female: Susan Oldham, Cowley Road Condors CC in 12:28:14

1st road bike: Kit Buchanan, Solihull CC in 12:22:50