FOOTBALL fans have swarmed to a sports bar in Worcester that claims to have 'the best screen in the city'. 

Mode Sports Bar was packed today (July 6) with every table booked to watch England play against Switzerland in a heated quarterfinal match. 

The team at the bar had worked hard to prepare for the game according to general manager Nathan Tinker. 

The game was one of the biggest sporting events of the year for the hospitality industry, with Mode opening the connecting nightclub, Tramps. and turning it into a 'team fanzone'. 

Max Tilley, marketing manager at Mode said that the bar had two DJ's and seven bars open, with an estimated 600 people coming to watch the game.

The atmosphere at the beginning of the game was electric.

Ellie Gillies and Debs AlbanEllie Gillies and Debs Alban (Image: Newsquest)

Elle Gillies, said: "Because we don't get out that often and we were both free today, we thought why not head to Mode and watch the match. 

"We were told that it had a good atmosphere and so we thought we would give it a go and so far it has not disappointed, we are having a good time. 

"I think in the end, England will win 2-0."

The marketing manger thought that England would win 2-0 and 'play it safe' but hoped that the Three Lions would win so that the bar could do it all again. 

(L-R), Adam York, Ben Harper, Tobey Jones, Henry Biggs (L-R), Adam York, Ben Harper, Tobey Jones, Henry Biggs (Image: Newsquest)

Henry Biggs, said: "I just hope England survive. 

"We were told that Mode was a good place to watch the match and that is why we are here. 

"So far the experience has been very good and it seems like everyone is enjoying themselves.

"I think England will win 2-1 but to be honest I'll just be happy with a win at this point."

Nathan Tinker said that the Euro's had been huge for the hospitality industry as a whole and that the industry is under a lot of pressure. 

Everyone in the bar seemed to have high hopes of an England victory, from England winning 3-0 to winning on penalties.

Mr Tilley said: "We have put on extra staff and we have 7 bars open. 

"Each goal means so much to not just us, but the hospitality industry as a whole. 

"Hopefully England wins and we can do this all over again on Wednesday."