TERRY Jenkins has been fined by the Darts Regulation Authority after coming to blows with Andy Jenkins at the Nuland Players Cham-pionships in Holland.

The Bull, from Ledbury, and the aptly-named Rocky clashed at the PDC event and were both brought before the sport’s disciplinary body.

World number five Terry Jenkins was charged with behaving in a manner likely to bring the sport of darts into disrepute by assaulting Andy Jenkins on October 25.

However, Jenkins from Portsmouth was handed a two-year ban for his part in the clash, 20 months of which have been suspended, after answering to the same charge.

Rocky will be banned from December 10 until April 9 and he has also been ordered to pay £500.

Ranked number 35 in the world, Andy Jenkins was also involved in an incident involving Nick Fulwell at the same event.

No charges were brought against Jenkins, while Ful-well has been fined £500.

All players have 14 days to appeal the sanctions imposed by the DRA.