Made at 8:30 PM on 22/11/2009

22/11/2009 6:00 pm Film Meeting Worcester Wolves-

Tonight at the beginning of our video session in front of our Worcester Wolves Basketball Team (Chey Christie, Harry Disy, Randy George, Skouson Harker, Nerijus Kalikonavas, Roy Owen, Siman Stewart, Vidmantas Uzkuraitis, Evaldas Zabas and Assistant Coaches Chris Lowe, and Chris Maynes) Coach Chuck Evans made a host of negative racist comments and taunts towards the Caucasian (white) players on our team including this opening statement:

Coach Evans- "Guys, I think I have figured out the problem, now I know you guys might not like or agree with this but I have really been thinking about it after our loss...and I think I have figured out the problem with our team...looking at the last two teams we have lost to Newcastle and Chester, they were mainly black (African-American) guys, and I just think we have too many white guys on the team that are not tough enough and too soft."

Skouson Harker replied as he was getting up to leave, due to his racist remarks..."Coach,I don't need to hear this, I will see you at practice"

Coach Evans- "No Skouson, you don't need to come to practice ever again"

After this comment Skouson realized leaving would not accomplish anything positive, so sat back down.

Coach Evans continued the two hour film session pointing out all the faults that the white players made during the game with racist remarks to put down the white players with comments including: "Skouson, the team you coached two years ago that I played on it, tell me who was on it, mainly black guys and you, that's why we were so tough"...I replied "We had a mixed race English player, and African-American/Colombian/White player, a mixed raced white/Hispanic/black player, you (African American) and me were the main players, but race had nothing to do with our performance"

Coach Evans responded "Ya but their dads were black...see, mainly tough black players...only a couple white guys, and you think I'm crazy?"

Coach Evans continued with such comments: ..."bitch ass pass...that's my white guys for ya"

..."you see, you see, look at the two guys involved in making that turnover, two white guys, I'm not crazy"

..."Look at James Hamilton (African-American (Black) player from Chester) he just pushed you (Wolves Caucasian (White) player) out of the way... and said uhh, take that ****... and ya'll think I'm crazy, told ya'll I wasn't lyin"

..."**** this is basketball, I know the business, **** it, I'm gonna get fired at some point, whether it's form here, or my next job, so if I am, at least I'm gonna say how I feel about this ****."

..."See those three black guys (referring to three black player from Chester Jets that made a defensive steal from three white players from the Worcester Wolves), they just are tougher... took the ball, said gimme that ****, don't worry I will find a solution for this"

..."Look at my black guys (black player from the Wolves) their fightin, fightin for everything"

..."Look at this ****, look, boom, black guy (Shawn Myers, Chester Jets) dunking on our ass"

..."I just say it like I see it, baby, I can say what the **** I want to say cause I am the Coach, so I say it like I see it, this is basketball"

At one point Chris Maynes, white assistant coach, got up to use the bathroom, and left unannounced and Coach Evans said "See, I knew his ass was gonna leave. If you guys ain't tough enough to hear the truth there's the door, you can take your ass up outta here just like Chris did, he does not know **** about basketball anyways, can any of you understand what the **** he is talkin about?"

Chris then came back in and said "I just went to use the bathroom"

Coach Evans sheepishly back tracked and laughed... making light of what he just said about assistant coach Chris Maynes.

I think everyone in the meeting left shocked and appalled at the racial comments that Coach Evans made throughout the 2 hour session, and Skouson Harker said numerous times after racial comments "Coach, are you sure that specific play is not just a bad basketball play, that has nothing to do with race"?

Coach Evans continually replied with unapologetic comments such as; ..."Hell no, I should have recognized a long time ago that ya'll white guys are not tough enough, I'm just calling it like I see it, Mick and Roger (Team Management) would be saying the same thing as I am if they saw this ****, don't worry though I got a solution to this problem."

Comments continued on and on as if the racist comments and taunting was fine, as long as he could prove that it was true, so he went on trying to prove his racist point for 2 hours straight.

After the meeting was ended, the team is not happy with playing for a coach that bases his judgement and selection of players on race. So as a result we are signing this agreed statement to confirm that we take offense to these racist remarks, and the highly unacceptable manner in which we were treated as professionals.

We expect the club to act accordingly to this unfortunate and disheartening meeting.

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