MATTHEW Rawnsley outlined his hopes, plans and ambitions after taking over as the new CEO of Worcestershire.

Rawnsley, 41, brings top-level business experience over 15 years and cricketing links as a former County player.

He will have a big role on the cricket side, handling issues such as new contracts and overseas players, and will work closely with new head coach Kevin Sharp who has replaced director of cricket Steve Rhodes.

Rawnsley, who takes over from Tom Scott, also wants to build on the growing commercial and business side of the club and help to “take it to the next level”.

But he stressed the importance of an "all for one, one for all" mentality within the playing and commercial side of the club.

Rawnsley said: "There has been some change in the coaching department and I want to make sure that transition is running smoothly.

“I will be involved in issues like overseas signings and contracts. The captain and coach play roles in that and key board members who have got a lot of experience.

“We want to make sure we are not making those kind of decisions within a very small group — that we are getting information and opinions from different people.

“But ultimately it will come down to two people who will make that decision — myself and Kevin as head coach.”

Of his own cricket experience, Rawnsley said: “It adds a value. It’s a benefit having credibility with the players when talking about their role in the club.

"Also having that understanding of how the cricket fits with the commercial side and vice versa to make sure we have got a strategy for the club moving forward.

“A key area initially is for me to bring all that together — for everyone at the club to see themselves as part of the club, that they are not part of the commercial or the playing side.

“We will all be in this together and if one person does well everyone does well. Let’s celebrate each other’s success across the whole organisation.”

Rawnsley continued: "There have been some changes and Tom (Scott) has been very busy over the last couple of years in setting up the foundations of what I can do next which I’m very grateful for.

“We are approaching a very positive time. We’ve got some good momentum around the commercial side of the business and also the cricketing side as well.

“It’s about taking that to the next level. That is my job.

“We’ve got a fantastic asset here which is close to the city. We need to make sure we are utilising that as much as we can and getting revenue from that.

“We’ve got the opportunity to have events here on a large scale."

Rawnsley added: “There is a great vibe in the playing group right now. We’ve got a change on the leadership side with different styles which complement each other.

"We’ve also got key players who are at a time in their life where they should embrace the challenge of leadership and the increased expectations of them.

“We’ve got a challenge because we had some great momentum right to the last day of last season where promotion was secured.

“You come back into pre-season and that can easily be lost so we’ve got a job to do to generate that momentum again.

"Kevin is really excited about the opportunity and it is great to see that energy and enthusiasm coming from him which is brilliant.

“He has been really well received by the players which helps and gives him confidence and to have Alan Richardson (bowling coach) coming in has been really well received.”