WORCESTER City Supporters’ Trust chairman Dave Wood has called on club officials to back up “professional and logical” Parsonage Way stadium plans by answering questions over finance.

City’s initial proposals went public on Wednesday with prominent trust members including Wood and ex-club directors Rob Crean, Jem Pitt and Richard Widdowson among the 40-plus fans and residents to attend during the four-hour session.

The first phase would see the club move into a 1,300 capacity ground, fit for one level higher than they operate at now, in August 2019 with scope to expand to a capacity of 5,000 and a National League-standard stadium through a four-stage development.

But neither club representatives nor the architects would be drawn on costs prior to feasibility and topography studies being completed, a key sticking point for Wood.

“From an artistic point of view it all looks very professional and logical,” said Wood.

“I like that the idea has been looked at in phases, it has been looked at from a sensible point of view. My only questions are over the budget, what this is all going to cost.

“We must know a ballpark figure, whether it is £1million or £8million. The architects must have a rough gauge of costs but have suggested they don’t at the moment. I am looking forward to finding out whether this project is viable.

“I would like to see cost implications, where the funding will come from and a business plan to see how sustainable it would be. There has to be income streams from day one.

“There has been some nice work done and feasibility work looked at and this could be something that occurs, without knowing whether or not it would meet with planning law.

“I have no problem with it but there are much bigger questions. Artist’s impressions can be done by a good company and Zebra have done a good job but I want to see the substance behind it.

“My worry is we can’t afford it. I would like to understand where the funding comes from. I will reserve judgement for now, I don’t know enough at this stage.”

Last month, City chairman Anthony Hampson said "the club can afford the first phase of development" with director Mark Wilcox stating on Wednesday that nothing had changed.

The trust is still pursuing an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate over the rejected application for a new stadium at Perdiswell, a project the club has distanced itself from with Hampson claiming “the (city) council told the trust and the club the land will not be made available" in October.

City will host a repeat consultation for the Parsonage Way project, a joint-capital venture with Worcestershire FA with backing from Worcester City Council, on Wednesday at Lyppard Hub (3-9pm).