WORCESTER City will review CCTV footage in a bid to identify those responsible for crowd trouble and letting off smoke bombs during Boxing Day's clash with Bromsgrove Sporting.

City director, safety officer and football secretary Kevin Preece confirmed one male Bromsgrove supporter had been ejected for allegedly setting off one of three green smoke bombs.

Preece praised stewards for swiftly stepping in to deal with an altercation between “20 people at the most” after City had scored the opener, prompting him to call for a police presence outside the stadium after full-time.

Should match referee Liam Corbett report any of the incidents, City could face misconduct charges as the host club in the Victoria Ground derby in spite of Preece’s assertion Sporting fans should shoulder most of the blame.

A woman also took to Facebook alleging she had been punched in the face by a Sporting follower while dressed as City mascot Georgie Dragon, although Preece confirmed she would not be pursuing the matter.

Regarding the smoke bombs, Preece said: “We caught the one chap, he was ejected and we have passed his details on to West Mercia Police. We will pass them on to Bromsgrove Sporting and it will be a matter for them what they do with him.

“Smoke bombs are hard to stop because they are so small and can be hidden anywhere.

“As far as we are aware, the same person was not responsible for all three. He was caught walking up and down the terrace with it in his hand and was dealt with quickly.”

On the skirmish, Preece said: “There are people saying we should have segregated and just as many who still feel we shouldn’t have.

“I think it came down to that core of Bromsgrove fans who were in the stand instead of being down at the other end. It started when we scored.

“The stewards put a line between the sets of fans and soon calmed the situation down. Everything went back to normal quite quickly. As far as we are aware no punches were thrown, it was more pushing and shoving.

“Some beer was thrown and we know Bromsgrove fans were throwing beer at their own players when they celebrated the third goal.

“Had the Bromsgrove fans moved to the correct end (in the first half) I don’t think there would have been any problem. Nothing happened in the second half and nobody had problems in any other part of the ground.

“There were concerns about problems outside the ground so I called in the police so they could be roadside as the crowd left. Thankfully, everyone went on their way peacefully.

“The smoke bombs obviously had nothing to do with our fans. Both sets of fans are blaming each other for the scuffle but it was 20 people at the most. It was a shame the minority spoiled it for the majority.”

Preece confirmed any outstanding matters would be discussed with his fellow City directors at a board meeting next month and Bromsgrove Sporting officials in due course.