WORCESTER City are celebrating an unlikely international call-up with kit man Leigh Woodall accepting a permanent post with the Welsh FA.

Woodall, City’s main man in the dressing room for the past two years, will undertake duties with the men's and women's under 19 Wales teams in their various trips across the world.

The 38-year-old recently accepted an invitation to travel out to Croatia where he prepared the kit for Wales' under 19 squad that included West Brom goalkeeper Adam Przybek who is on loan with Worcester.

“The opportunity came up when I helped out at Kidderminster Harriers with England under 20s against Brazil about 18 months ago,” said Woodall, of Kidderminster.

“Since then, I have been asking people how to go about getting into it properly and then got a call asking whether I fancied it a few weeks ago.

“Straight away I was sent out to Croatia and spent a week over there with Wales under 19s. Since then I haven’t looked back.

“The whole experience was a proper eye-opener. You have sports scientists and nutritionists everywhere, then there are the meetings they all have, the pre-match meals, the walks they go on before a match. It is crazy how much build-up there is to a game.

“In the morning players get checked to see how well they are hydrated, the doctors don’t let you have any food from outside the hotel before it is checked. Everything is so professional and very strict.”

With so much going on there was plenty for Woodall to deal with on his first assignment but the biggest difference centred around something most of us would take for granted — underwear.

“I never dealt with pants at Worcester’s level, the lads bring their own,” said Woodall.

“When some of the lads came up asking me for a pair of medium Sloggis I didn’t have a clue what they were on about. I do now though!”

The post means Woodall will have to leave City behind, saying his goodbyes at the home match with Westfields near the start of this month.

“There have been ups and downs but I will miss Worcester City and wish the club all the best,” he added.

“Hopefully they can come out of this dark area and get back up to where they should be and belong.

“Snapper (John Snape) is a fantastic manager and person on and off the pitch and I hope the club can kick on for his sake as much as anyone.

“The players have been brilliant. They all thanked and congratulated me, wished me well. That was nice and I will go with some very good memories.”