CHAIRMAN Anthony Hampson admits “there is some work to be done” on the heads of terms for Worcester City’s proposed stadium site at Parsonage Way.

Hampson revealed three-way discussions between the homeless club, Worcester City Council and the Worcestershire FA had started but broadly hinted tweaks would be required.

The heads of terms set out the framework for a commercial transaction – in this case the back-to-back lease provided by the council to the club via the county FA – which is taken as a serious signal of intent without being legally binding.

Hampson declined to comment on the nature of the sticking points, declaring them “confidential”.

“We are working on heads of terms at the moment, we only had sight of them prior to the recent progress meeting two weeks ago,” said Hampson.

“The club needs to go back with the terms we feel would be most appropriate for the club. There is an area to be negotiated which we must look at.

“It is important the club gets something that is workable and can be lived with in the future.

“Like any commercial negotiations, talks are ongoing. There is some work to be done to make sure the club’s interests are best represented.”

Aside from that, Hampson says “nothing major” currently stands in City’s way of progress at Parsonage Way but that there are commissioned reports still outstanding.

“The ones that have come back are encouraging,” he added.

“There are certainly no issues about soil contamination. There is nothing major, nothing that would be a showstopper in terms of getting the Parsonage Way site delivered. It will then come down to costs."

Hampson was unable to divulge an estimated or minimum cost, stating “it is still too early to say on anything like that” prior to having the heads of terms agreed, planning permission granted and the transfer of the council land secured.

“Those are the three main issues,” said Hampson. “From there the project needs to go out to tender and then we will know fairly accurately what the costs will be.

“Heads of terms need to be agreed by the end of June when there is a full council meeting on this project.

“From that point we need to be looking at what grants will be available. Hopefully, the supporters’ trust will then become more engaged with the project.”

The trust is currently pursuing an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate in a bid to overturn the rejected application for permission to build a new ground at Perdiswell.

Asked whether he expected the trust’s stance to change, Hampson replied: “I think it would have to change. You cannot chase two projects, it is either one or the other.

“Perdiswell has no planning (permission), no confirmation that the land will be transferred and I cannot see where the money is coming from to build that facility.

“We have six or seven months to wait for the appeal. If they lose, I hope they will get behind Parsonage Way.”