WORCESTER Wolves could bolster their ranks with a short-term signing to replace the recently departed Jermel Kennedy.

Having filled all their foreign player slots, Wolves are looking for a power forward who has a British passport.

Head coach Paul James who cut ties with Kennedy last week, admitted the search was "difficult", but was hopeful of landing one of his targets.

“We knew it was going to be difficult to find somebody with a British passport once we agreed to part ways with Jermel,” James said.

“But we are looking and there are some options out there, so hopefully in the not too distant future we would have hopefully signed either the player we want or somebody who can do a job for us in the short-term.

James said he was pleased with the make up of his side but conceded he needed another player to cover Dallin Bachynski and Alex Navajas.

“When I look at the team and the way we play we are well balanced as far as having our big guys, our forwards and guards,” James added.

“But we do need another four just to help Dallin and Alex out, so that’s what we are looking at.

“We need to find somebody with a British passport which is easier said than done at this stage in the season.”