Matt Hole‏ (@GearboxMatt).

Feel much more confident now I've seen what Irish have (or don't have) to offer.

Confident defensive performance by Warriors with some Adams sparkle in attack.

#RugbyWorcs‏ (@RugbyWorcs).

Always felt in control. Adams, Pennell and Denton had great games, but a proper team effort and time to start chasing down some teams above us.

Mrs Ampo‏ (@Mrsampo).

Brilliant in flashes and Pennell’s kicking was awesome. We dug in well when under the cosh. Christmas feels even better now.

Sixways Gold & Blue‏ (@SixwaysGnB).

Adams is making a mockery out of defenders everywhere.

Martyn Pattinson‏ (@Bigchap27).

Job well done apart from a sloppy period before half-time. Two excellent tries and some big shows (Denton really caught the eye). The job is not done but a very important win.

Andy Hale.

It was a tough old game and we won ugly but we can look up to catch Saints now rather than looking over our shoulder.

Loved O’Callaghan's stirring up of the crowd again. Great passion. Fantastic try from Adams again.

Jimmy Apps.

To be honest I would just take the win (would have preferred five points but we can not have everything).

I would rather have a scrappy win rather than an unlucky loss. Whichever way well played lads and keep up the good work.

Stuart Leng.

Result never looked in doubt. Two fantastic tries and immense performances from Pennell, Denton and Spencer. When Houggard, Mills and Lance click again, who knows what we can do.

Stephean John Taylor.

Well done boys, much-needed win. Spencer was immense all game and the rest of the lads joined in.

Matthew Deeley.

Great game. Well done Warriors and thanks for the early Xmas present.