Throughout the First World War the Berrows Worcester Journal printed a Saturday pictorial - the pictures normally referring to stories that had appeared in the separate main paper, which did not contain photographs at that time.

Presumably the production system in 1914 meant it was easier to keep text and pictures apart.

We will be dipping into the pictorial records to bring you images from 100 years ago - and to pay tribute to the fallen servicemen of Worcestershire as their deaths were record back then.

Here are two examples:

The single image is of Gunner J Davis, of Rainbow Hill, Worcester, who 'went down with HMS Monmouth.' His death was recorded in January 1915.

In fact the cruiser Monmouth had been sunk with the loss of all hands on November 1, 1914, at the Battle of Coronel, which gives an insight into the time lag between action and the news being reported at home.

Was Gunner Davies a relative of yours?

The second group of six pictures comes from September 1916. The captions in the Berrows Journal of that time simply read (from left):

Capt H King, Worcester, Killed (Photo. Dowty, Worcester)

Sec.-Lieut R S Jones, Evesham, Killed

Lt F Joseland, Worcester, Killed

Lt Butcher, Kempsey, Killed

Sec Lt L R Bomford, Evesham, Gassed

Lt G R Day, Malvern Link, Killed (Photo. Dowty, Worcester)

Perhaps you know of them and can share some more details.

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