SIR – Re Councillor [Alan] Amos’s letter on seagulls ‘Why was seagull case brought to court? (Worcester News, August 16).

Will he please re-read what he has written? Can he not understand that the problem of mess is not the fault of the seagulls, not even the fast food outlets.

It is entirely the fault of the people who throw the food onto the ground in the first place. If they stopped dropping the food the seagulls would go away and the noise and mess would stop.

Instead of urging the council to spend money on getting rid of seagulls, why doesn’t he educate his constituents about decent behaviour and stop them dropping litter in the first place, it is, after all, an offence. Perhaps a surveillance camera could help catch the culprits. Surely this would be a better use of public money.

If we are to follow the flawed reasoning of Councillor Amos, are we to conclude that all animals that make a mess are to be destroyed?

Could he let us know where his constituents figure in this argument?

Helen Smart