When will Walcot Ford be replaced by bridge?

Worcester News: Nigel Poole Stranded Drakes Broughton Ford (11629643)

2:10pm Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Sir - When is the ford (Walcot Ford, Drakes Broughton) going to be replaced by a bridge. I wrote to the county council after another person became stuck and that was as well as the man being killed a few years before.


12:54pm Tuesday 21st October 2014

Sir - Both through personal experience and observation the most used word in our city must be "Sorry".

We should be at Gheluvelt to commemorate the bravery and sacrifice of our men

Worcester News: Gheluvelt by Stuart Jancey (11057936)

2:20pm Monday 20th October 2014

Sirs - The Mercian Regiment celebrate their forebears, the Worcs Regiment, with a commemoration at Gheluvelt Park, on October 31st. However, I’m amazed Worcester Council won’t send delegates to the Belgian town of Gheluvelt’s 100th year celebration, later this month.

If they are serious about animal welfare, they need to drop the mob rule

2:12pm Monday 20th October 2014

Sir - Yvonne Birchall (Worcester News 17th October) admits her fellow anti live export protestors shout and scream through megaphones and make threats to the drivers and their families.

Human rights gravy train

Worcester News: Hand Writing (10153711)

2:41pm Sunday 19th October 2014

Sir - Is it any wonder the argument continues to rage about the human rights act, when we read Britain spends more on legal aid than any other European country.

Stop TIPP and keep our NHS safe

Worcester News: File photo dated 23/04/12 of the NHS logo as hospitals are so full that elderly patients are being discharged in the middle of the night and routine blood tests are being conducted at 3am, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has warned. PRESS ASSOCIATIO

2:31pm Sunday 19th October 2014

Sir, I would like to make aware to the public just how our NHS is being given away

Hunting act stands in way of animal welfare

Worcester News: Fox Hunting (11037790)

2:22pm Sunday 19th October 2014

Sir -Both Mrs S Garner and C Stanley (Worcester News 10th October) condemned Robin Walker MP for his measured comments on the Hunting Act (2004).

Worcester's traffic future - speeds of 5 miles a fortnight

Worcester News: Nick Toogood - 26/09/12. Traffic passes over the Carrington Bridge with the Severn flood plains behind, under water.  (6140740)

2:01pm Sunday 19th October 2014


Say yes to more homes in Worcestershire

Worcester News: (11132193)

1:55pm Sunday 19th October 2014

Sir - As a resident of Worcestershire, I’m concerned about the lack of serious local debate on the homes we need in our community when there’s clearly a big problem.

Pool is an exciting development for all swimmers

1:50pm Sunday 19th October 2014

Sir, -

Nationalism is not negative, and neither are UKIP

Worcester News: File photo dated 1/10/2014 of Ukip leader Nigel Farage as his party has surged to 25% in the polls and the soaring level of support would secure the party an astonishing 128 MPs in a general election, experts have claimed. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue d

1:45pm Sunday 19th October 2014


I wasn't banned from Malvern Hotel, it was my dog

Worcester News: (11270912)

12:35pm Sunday 19th October 2014

Sir - Yesterday I had my attention drawn to an item in Tom Edwards's column regarding myself and the Great Malvern Hotel.

Worcester's booming shops! Who says so?

Worcester News: 4114726103 Paul Jackson 10.10.14 Worcester - A busy Worcester High Street, The city's High Street is doing well bucking national and regional trends. (11348077)

2:37pm Saturday 18th October 2014


UKIP chances grow week on week

Worcester News: (11044477)

2:19pm Saturday 18th October 2014

SIR - I find myself agreeing with Robin Walker’s assessment of the recent parliamentary by-election results (Worcester News, 11th October).

I watch the disgrace of live animal exports day after day

Worcester News: (10156169)

2:16pm Saturday 18th October 2014

Sir, I do appreciate the bigger picture, J Burgess Worcester news 7th Oct,

Parties in a panic over UKIP

Worcester News: (11132871)

2:12pm Saturday 18th October 2014

Sir - Since there is so little to distinguish the Conservatives, Labour, and Lib Dems on matters European, other than yet another vague promise waiting to be broken about the referendum the British people should have been given ten years ago, the three mainstream parties are beginning to panic over the recent hard won successes of UKIP.

Diana sounds a good name to me

Worcester News: Britain's Prince William, left,  and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, center, along with son Prince George, stand atop of the stairs to say good bye as they board their flight in Canberra,  Australia, Friday, April 25, 2014. The Duke and Duchess conclu

1:45pm Saturday 18th October 2014

Sir -I understand that William and Kate are contemplating calling their second child (if a girl) Diana, for obvious reasons. However a few of The Royals would not like it because of old feelings in The Household.

The true face of Conservatism

Worcester News: File photo dated 06/10/09 of Welfare Reform Minister Lord Freud, who has issued a "full and unreserved apology" after suggesting that some disabled people are "not worth" the minimum wage - but stopped short of resigning. PRESS ASSOCIA

12:26pm Saturday 18th October 2014

Sir, I have experienced local Conservative 'Del Boy' political actions regarding the disabled being thrown off their parking in St Swithun Street in favor of the taxis, and, without consultation, the stoppingof subsidy towards the one hot meal per day for the most vulnerable in sheltered housing.

Say goodbye to the yesterday men - Cameron, Clegg and Milliband

Worcester News: (10156169)

12:16pm Saturday 18th October 2014

SIR - Re Mark Garnier's Important to Read Parties Manifestos, October 9, what he misses is the largest party is the They're in it for themselves party - the non-voters, which make up more than 40 per cent of any election.

UKIP's People's Army on the march

Worcester News: (10156169)

12:05pm Saturday 18th October 2014

SIR - I see that Nigel Farage's comment that immigrants with HIV should not be allowed into our country has provoked the now usual incandescent response from the liberal metropolitan elite, and its fellow bag carriers.

Let's have more buses

Worcester News: (10156169)

10:09am Saturday 18th October 2014

SIR - The wheels on the bus do not go round and round.

Is gambling the right lesson?

Worcester News: (10156169)

10:03am Saturday 18th October 2014

SIR - I was concerned to read that pupils from Chantry School, Martley had been sent to a horse racing course as part of their maths education.

Thank you for giving Den a good send-off

Worcester News: 4114725610 09.10.14 Worcester - Funeral of Denis Price at Worcester Cremetorium. (11310168)

2:30pm Friday 17th October 2014

Sir - I want to thank each and every one of you for attending the funeral of my good mate Denis Price at Worcester Crematorium on Thursday October 9th 2014.

Why can't Highways finish the job?

Worcester News: Hand Writing (10153711)

2:08pm Friday 17th October 2014

Sir - Why, oh why, can the Highways Department never finish the job? They spend millions on laying a nice, smooth tarmac surface, then leave it littered with spine-shattering sunken manhole covers! The A435 Bishops’ Cleeve bypass, near Cheltenham is a classic example!

Road congestion - look out, UKIP are coming!

Worcester News: 0714518001 Paul Jackson 10.02.14 Worcester Flooding in Worcester has caused traffic jams. Whittington roundabout. (3921899)

1:38pm Friday 17th October 2014

Sir - Firstly, Front page of Saturdays Worcester News, can we please stop referring to Worcester County Council traffic officers as traffic experts.

Thanks for your support for animals

12:57pm Friday 17th October 2014

Sir - Animal Aid would like to thank the people of Worcester for their generosity in contributing £315.46 at a street collection on Saturday, October 4.

Tory greed - shame on them

Worcester News: (10156169)

5:18pm Thursday 16th October 2014

SIR - The Tories should hang their heads in shame.

Why not deport him?

Worcester News: (10156169)

3:21pm Thursday 16th October 2014

SIR - It's laughable?

Keep up good work

Worcester News: (10156169)

2:14pm Thursday 16th October 2014

SIR - I wonder how many people like me and my husband watched the documentary on the paedophile hunter.

Robin, you are wasting our time

Worcester News: Fox Hunting (11037790)

1:55pm Thursday 16th October 2014

sir - Robin Walker states in relation to his desire to reintroduce fox hunting - 'I am focused on the economy, education and health - these are the things people care about rather than obsessing over this'.

No surprise Whittington roundabout work not done

Worcester News: 0714518002 Paul Jackson 10.02.14 Worcester Flooding in Worcester has caused traffic jams. Whittington roundabout. (3921901)

1:45pm Thursday 16th October 2014

Sir - Did any of us expect the council's promise to improve the Whittington Island situation to be kept? Me neither.

Reasons to support Worcester City stadium plan

1:35pm Thursday 16th October 2014

Sir - I am writing in regards to the recent application of Worcester City FC to build a new stadium with community facilities at Perdiswell.

Take the drunks to private hospitals

1:25pm Thursday 16th October 2014

Sir - With the A&E coming under increasing pressure from drink related problems why cannot these people concerned be taken to a private hospital where they have to pay for treatment.

I'd love to say thank you to surgeon who saved my eye

Worcester News: (10156169)

11:25am Thursday 16th October 2014

SIR - Concerning your article on the bombing in St Johns on October 5, 1946.

Will safety review be urgent?

Worcester News: TRIBUTE: A photograph of Sylvia Russell has been placed next to the floral tributes to her in The Shambles, Worcester. 4114724903.

1:30pm Tuesday 14th October 2014

Sir - So, discussing the recent tragic accident in The Shambles and amid "an outpouring of grief", at the city council meeting, Councillor Joy Squires says that she has seen "a number of near misses over the years". That being the case, why does it take the death of a 69 year old woman under the wheels of a truck, for her to find her voice and do something about it?

Phillpott is right about Labour, so vote Green

9:36am Tuesday 14th October 2014

Sir - John Phillpott asserts that the “big hitters” of the Labour Party who tried to kill off his column in the 1990s have failed to “move on” (Worcester News, 4 October).

Allah Ditta should have been removed

9:34am Tuesday 14th October 2014

Sir, I was astonished to read in your paper (Worcester News, 7 October) that Allah Ditta is once again at the centre of a dispute involving Worcester’s Muslim cemetery.

We need political solution, not bombs

9:30am Tuesday 14th October 2014

Sir - In your editorial on 26th September, you wrote that ‘there is a moral imperative to stop in its tracks a movement (Isis) glorying in barbarity’ and you praised Barack Obama for ‘taking a lead against this ‘Network of Death’’.

Pershore poppy concert was fantastic - thank you

Worcester News: Poppy on black background (8861656)

2:02pm Monday 13th October 2014

Sir - On behalf of Pershore Royal Naval Association, I would like to offer our congratulations and sincere thanks to our comrades at Pershore & District Branch Royal British Legion for the tremendous Poppy Concert that they put on at Number 8 on Saturday.

Don't make this mistake with new pool

10:05am Monday 13th October 2014

Worcester's wonderful new Swimming Pool

Councillor Gregson was inaccurate about the swimming pool

Worcester News: Swimmers in action at the London Fields Lido in Hackney, east London, where he took part in the British Gas SwimBritain event, with hundreds of members of the public aiming to get fit through swimming. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Sunday Septemb

9:20am Monday 13th October 2014

Sir - I must challenge the unnecessary inaccuracies in Cllr Gregson's recent letter.

Adrian Gregson is making mischief over new pool

9:13am Monday 13th October 2014

I must respond to the mischief making of Adrian Gregson on behalf of his City Labour Group.

Still waiting for road safety changes

Worcester News: Nick Toogood - 03/10/12. The revised Norton and St Peter's exit onto Crookbarrow Way off the Whittington roundabout has re-opened. Cars stopped at the revised give way junction. (11324711)

10:02am Sunday 12th October 2014

SIR – it has been just over two months since the public meeting took place regarding changes to the road layout at Whittington Roundabout where Jon Fraser from Highways stated in front of around 30 attendees that changes would be made to this accident blackspot in a matter of “weeks not months”.

They call me Gollum, and I am precious!

9:54am Sunday 12th October 2014


Warriors parking - do your homework

Worcester News: Sixways Park and Ride (6923971)

4:41pm Saturday 11th October 2014

Sir, Cynthia Jones of Kidderminster is unhappy about the parking scrum at Sixways. I travel 60 miles from Bristol to every home match and have no trouble parking.

UKIP's threat to Labour spelt out

Worcester News: (11132871)

12:18pm Saturday 11th October 2014

Sir: - In a report entitled "Revolt on the left", Marcus Roberts deputy general secretary of Fabian talks of Labour's UKIP problem and it how can be overcome.

Profiting from war

12:13pm Saturday 11th October 2014

Dear Sir. The IS situation in the middle east is predictable. Sir - The Money men who back our leaders with donations to their political parties, make their money from shares in weapons manufacturers. More war equals more profits from government orders.

Escalating cost of the northern link road

Worcester News: Hand Writing (10153711)

11:52am Saturday 11th October 2014

Sir - The fact that the Northern Relief Road was first recommended in an official report back in the early 1990s should not come as a surprise.

Conservatives - the party of privilege

4:38pm Friday 10th October 2014

Sir - If they win the next election, the Tories have announced they will hit 3 million working people on modest incomes by cutting their tax credits, while carrying on with a £3 billion a year tax cut for those earning over £150,000.

It's the Tories cutting down on fuel payments

Worcester News: (10156169)

3:39pm Friday 10th October 2014

SIR, It would help if George Cowley could get his facts right. He's now sprouting off about Ed Balls going to stop the fuel payments. Does he not understand it was Labour who introduced this payment not the Tories. It was the Tories who cut the payments down when they were elected and it will be the Tories if re-elected who will get rid of this, not Labour as he suggests. Where does he get this rubbish from?

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