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ARTIST’S IMPRESSION: The Yew Tree Hill development in Droitwich.

Thursday's letters upload including 'Building these houses will cause gridlock'

TRAIN: Young Syrian men should be fighting for their country, not fleeing, says A G MacDonald

Wednesday's letters upload including 'Syrians should stay and fight, not run away'

WACKY: Students get their own ‘takeover’ event at CrownGate, but what about senior citizens?

Tuesday's letters upload including 'When do older shoppers get to take over?'

CONGESTION: Extra parking at places like Asda are bringing more cars into the city, says Rob Peachey

Monday's letters upload including 'This extra parking is increasing congestion'

SHUT: Perdiswell park and ride site is fenced off after the service ended – and Terry James thinks he knows why it failed

Friday's letters upload including 'This is why our park and ride didn’t work'

POSTBOX: Letter writer L Presley feels for people for don’t get their mail on time

Thursday's letters upload including First-class price for a second-class service'

LOTTA BOTTLE: Councillor Richard Udall is calling for protected name status for Lea and Perrins’ Worcestershire Sauce

Wednesday's letters upload including 'Sauce just isn’t the same as it used to be '

CROWDED: Gary Kibblewhite was shocked that no one gave up their seat for passengers who needed it more

Tuesday's letters upload including 'What has happened to basic manners?'

JAM: Roadworks causing congestion on The Tything, Worcester. Picture: Jonathan Barry.

Monday's letters upload including 'Councillors will make congestion worse'

GREEN: Artist’s impression of the planned swimming pool at Perdiswell

Friday's letters upload including 'I was right – new pool will pay for itself'

HOMELESS: Robyn Norfolk hopes donations will start flowing in for Maggs Day Centre, Worcester

Thursday's letters upload including 'No one has answers to homelessness crisis'

ARTIST’S IMPRESSION: The proposed Worcester Parkway station

Wednesday's letters upload including 'Parkway will give city a main line station'

NO ROOM: Letter writer Max White says he finds it frustrating to visit the Countryside Centre in Worcester to find that commuters have taken all the parking spaces

Tuesday's letters upload including 'No space for walkers at the country park'

Monday's letters upload inlcuding 'Migrant crisis – you tell us what you think'

Monday's letters upload including 'Migrant crisis – you tell us what you think'

ROADWORKS: Our letter writer reckons he can teach highways chiefs a thing or two

Friday's letters upload including 'Road improvements are a waste of money'

STATION: Stanley Clayton is calling for the reintroduction of ‘halts’ along with the new Parkway plans

Thursday's letters upload including 'Let’s use Parkway to bring back ‘halts’'

JOURNEY: Migrants making their way through Hungary to Germany

Wednesday's letters round up including 'Let Parliament decide who comes here'

SCHOOL: Christopher Whitehead headteacher Neil Morris, back right, and head of Sixth Form Matt Mobberley, back centre, with students on their first day.

Tuesday's letters round up including 'Just who will study at new sixth form?'

JAM: Congestion in The Tything, Worcester

Monday's letters round up including 'Traffic in a jam – but the bus lane is empty'

HORRIFIC: Images of amputated legs wearing Army boots did our real soldiers a disservice, says Gerry Taggart

Friday's letters round up including 'Sad sight on street where troops marched'

CONGESTION: Whether it’s in the city centre, on approach roads, or on the southern link, one thing is certain for one of our correspondents, drivers dawdling well below the speed limit are making the problem worse.

Thursday's letter round up including 'Little Englanders with no compassion'

ARTIST’S IMPRESSION: Worcester Parkway will just be a park-and-ride station for commuters, says Robert Hartwright

Wednesday's letter round up including 'Car park would be better than Parkway'

APPOINTMENT: Jean Harris wondered why her surgery bothered telling her she had a personal doctor when she was rarely there

Tuesday's letter round up including 'Sorry, your doctor won’t see you now'

FENCE: A migrant trying to get on to the tracks near the Eurotunnel site in Calais (see letter from Owen Cleary)

Monday's letters round up including 'Whatever you read, it wasn’t my letter'

ACCIDENT; The shops at Ankerage Green, where our letter writer Joan Salisbury parked her car before someone damaged it

Friday's letter round up including 'Drivers, please think about your actions'

How the new Norton Parkway station could look. One letter writer says two platforms are essential for the Cotswold line, while another says there are still many unanswered questions

Wednesday's letter round up including 'One and only chance for parkway station'

This cull will go ahead and I would help says Mr Presley.

Thursday's letter round up including 'Badgers are vermin and should be shot'

The idea of flats above shops in the city centre has been proposed, but Liz Smith says the room does not need to be turned into residential, as long as the space is not left empty

Tuesday's letter round up including 'Flats are not only use of upper storeys'

BATTLE: Middle Battenhall Farm, marking out the land which could be developed

Monday's letters round up including 'Consider local feelings on housing plan'

PLANS: The 19-acre DEFRA site in Worcester which has been bought by developer St Modwen

Friday's letter round up including 'Sale of site for houses will increase traffic'

Recently there has been a revival of interest in Victorian tin tabernacles. These quirkly little, budget priced churches were tiny corrugated iron buildings and were once a feature of 19th-century Britain, but there are no only a few left in this country.

Thursday's letter round up including 'Local issues musn't be seen in isolation'

JUMP: Letter writer Isobel Thorpe would prefer Pitchcroft to be used for events other than racing

Wednesday's letter round up including 'Let’s banish cruel racing from Pitchcroft'

PLANS: The PC World Store on the Tybridge Street Retail Park, in St John’s, Worcester, where Aldi wishes to open a supermarket

Tuesday's letter round up including 'Discount store on our side of river at last'

ALERT:  Seven police cars, and vehicles from other emergency services, attended an emergency in Ronkswood, Worcester

Monday's letters round up including 'Seven police cars seemed over the top'

REMINDER: The iconic ruins that form the centrepiece of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial. It was wrong to bomb, says writer

Friday's letter round up including 'My dismay at views about the A-bomb'

Sending E-Mail mail message by pushing button on computer keyboard with letter symbol (36205566)

Goverment has created this refugees crisis

RECLAIMING THE CANAL: ‘Volunteers’ work not only makes the canal made more pleasing, but says this is our space’

Thursday's letter round up including 'We’re reclaiming canal for community'

DELUGE: The recent heavy rainfall highlighted cuts in local roads maintenance, according to letter writer Tony Harris.

Wednesday's letter round up including 'Heavy rain exposes our clogged drains'

STAYING SAFE: We all bear responsibility for using the roads with care, but how many have read the Highway Code recently?

Tuesday's letters round up including 'How many of us would fail test now?'

PLAY PARK: The new equipment at the Waverley Street Play Area in Diglis, Worcester. Picture: Naomi Johnson

Monday's letter's round up including 'Children and parents love new play area'

BIN THERE: Malvern is due to have its black bags replaced with wheelie bin collections, like Worcester

Friday's letters round up including 'These half-baked bin plans are uncosted'

PROCESSION: The commemorations of the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Evesham

Thursday's letters round up including 'Festival was wonderful – well done!'

ABOVE THE SHOP: Could more people live in the upper loors of commercial premises in Worcester city centre?

Wednesday's letters round up including 'The problems with lats above shops'

DRIVERS: The redesigned exit road from the Ketch Roundabout leading to Carrington Bridge. One letter writer complains that the new road layout is causing queue jumping

Tuesday's letters round up including 'Everyone is trying to queue jump now'

DEVELOPMENT: An artist’s impression of the proposed “plaza” development at Cathedral Square. But how practical is it really? asks one correspondent

Monday's letter's round up including 'Is Cathedral Plaza scheme practical?'

DELAY: “Great fun when a swan stopped play at New Road on Sunday. Six graceful circuits watched by bemused players and umpires and an enthralled crowd before departing towards the Severn.” – Andrew Hope-Hall

Friday's letters round up including 'Recalling a stunning day at New Road'

The Confederate Flag was spotted flying over Evesham, sparking an argument about racism. But people need to understand its origins, the flag itself does not stand for racist attitudes, says one correspondent

Thursday's letters round up including 'Confederate flag is NOT about racism'

Jeremy Corbyn: Favourite, according to the pollsters, to win the Labour election. Some say that would be a disaster, but Andrew Brown says he is the candidate who can rescue the soul of the party.

Wednesday's letters round up including 'He stands for the soul of Labour party'

BIRD BATTLES: To many in Worcester gulls are a nuisance, but one letter writer says coastal gulls are in decline and we need to be more protective of these birds and ditch the talk of gull culls

Tuesday's letters round up including 'Fish and chips, life and death to gulls'

IMPRESSION: The proposed development at Cathedral Plaza

Monday's letter's round up including 'Let’s link new plaza to lovely Friar Street'

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