SIR – In the past five years prices for unleaded petrol have risen higher in the UK than anywhere else in Europe.

We have seen an increase of 39.2 per cent, compared with 25.5 per cent in Spain, 19 per cent in Germany and only 5.7 per cent in Switzerland.

True, we still lag behind some other countries such as Norway, Holland, Italy,and Denmark in the overall cost per litre, but it is the crippling tax in the UK that makes it such a rip-off for Britain’s motorists.

Even though oil prices have plunged by 25 per cent since March, garages and supermarkets are still ripping people off as they have only reduced fuel by two per cent.

They are the real culprits, profiteering from the public once again.

It would be good to see the public vent its anger by avaoiding all supermarkets who fail to pass on the savings and shop eleswhere.