FOR almost 40 years the Cathedral Ferry has taken people from one side of the river Severn to the other.

Each summer people pay the 50p charge to ride the row boat and see a view of the city which most would miss.

Halfway across and amid the swans, passengers can see the length of the river taking in Worcester Cathedral, the busy South Quay and the historic Worcester bridge.

It may take just a few minutes to cross but you can find a moment's peace in the centre of the Severn away from the hustle and bustle of the river's banks.

Today's ferryman Eddie Rogers is one of the original volunteers and has been part of the team since it was set up in 1983.

He joked that he got involved because it "gets me away from the gardening and the decorating".

"I think it's quite nice especially when there's a nice breeze and it gives you a different view of Worcester.

"The only view of the Cathedral is from the other side of the river, well a decent view anyway.

Worcester News:

"I can go back and forth between six and 20 times a day - when my hands get sore that's when I know I have had a busy day."

This year's ferry trips launched on Saturday and the good weather has made for a busy start.

Saturday and Sunday they made £60 while Monday they raised £70, which all goes to charity.

Like Eddie, faithful boat Doris has been part of the team since the service was relaunched.

The team is very happy to be back on the water after a very dry year in 2020 when, because of covid, it could not run at all.

Worcester News:

While it is a very tranquil experience, there has been the odd occasion where Doris and Eddie have found themselves in the middle of the action.

"About 15 years ago I heard a splash and realised a chap on a bike had gone in the water so I went down to pick him up.

"He didn't want to get on my boat and then I realised there were police on this side.

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"He did get on the boat in the end but he jumped out again and said he was swimming down the river.

"I took the policeman on the boat and he persuaded him to get back in."

The Cathedral Ferry team are looking for new volunteers who will be given full training.

For more information call Mark Glossop on 01905 333265.