A WANTED man waded into a river, threatening to throw bricks and rocks at officers trying to arrest him, say police.

We have previously reported how the man was seen in the river near the bridge in Worcester wielding a branch but one witness also described him trying to escape through a sewer pipe.

West Mercia Police has confirmed that at around 11.10am on Friday officers from the Proactive CID team found a male who was wanted by the courts for failing to appear.

One witness said: "The man in question and a young woman he was with were arrested by two undercover police officers along the riverside path.

"The man attempted to flee custody by diving topless through the stinging nettle infested riverbank and hid in the undergrowth/river.

"He even attempted to escape through a sewer pipe along the riverside at one point.

"He was using the large stick, and a big rock, to ward off the authorities who were trying to arrest him. His female associate fled the scene. I saw the whole thing. It was hilarious."

Worcester News: RESPONSE: Police and fire crews attended. Photo: Robert Joseph Urmston

A police spokesman said: "In an attempt to avoid arrest the male ran and jumped into the river.

"The male spent around an hour in the river, refusing to get out, where he threatened to assault officers by throwing bricks and rocks at them.

"With the assistance of Hereford and Worcester Fire Service the male was eventually removed from the river and was arrested.

He was then presented to the courts.

A spokesman for Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service said four crews attended - two from Worcester, one from Evesham, one from Malvern plus the Water First Responder team from Malvern and the service drone from Ledbury.

They were called at 11.22am to a water rescue from the River Severn by the A44 in Worcester.

A spokesman for the fire service said: "A man self-extricated from the river, assisted by fire service personnel, and was handed over to the police, who were also in attendance. There were no casualties and the incident was closed at 12.40pm.

"Cold water shock, which can affect you on even the warmest days, is indiscriminate and will affect all age groups. There are also other hazards such as hidden objects beneath the surface of the water, which you would not be able to see.

Between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2020 there were 355 incidents of rescue or evacuation from water, excluding flooding, in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

A spokesman said: "Sadly, there were 42 fatalities within this time period. Thirty-three people were taken to hospital with injuries appearing to be serious, 49 people were taken to hospital with injuries appearing to be slight, and 15 people were given first aid at the scene.

"Those aged 19-24 were most likely to be involved in this type of incident followed by those aged 30-39."