A ‘DELUSIONAL’ pensioner has been fined for harassing Worcester MP Robin Walker after writing him racially aggravated letters.

James Evans wrote around 100 letters to Mr Walker between August 1 and November 25 last year.

The 70-year-old of Bath Road, Worcester, had previously admitted racially aggravated harassment against Mr Walker when he appeared at Worcester Crown Court on Friday to be sentenced.

Evans, who represented himself, was invited by the judge, Daniel Pearce-Higgins QC, to step out of the dock and stand at the same bench as the prosecutor, Robert Cowley, near the front of the court so he could make his submissions.

Mr Cowley said the letters to Mr Walker included references to ‘Zionist Jews’ being a 'death cult' and claimed they will ‘get us all killed in the Third World War'.

The precise number of letters Evans had sent to Mr Walker is not known although Mr Cowley said Evans himself had put it ‘around 100 or so’.

It is his third conviction for similar offences, one of which led to a restraining order preventing him from contacting staff at BBC Hereford and Worcester. It was a restraining order he later breached, as previously reported in the Worcester News.

Evans said: “I've been trying to get the police to act for some years.

"They ignore me or throw me in the cells and prosecute me.

"Eight years ago I had an argument with a neighbour about parking. I went down to the police station because he threatened me.

"He was a very large Asian chap who had just come out of prison. I was quite frightened by him. It turned out this man was a police informant.”

He said he tried to raise this issue by writing to police and to Mr Walker but that the 'informant' was of ‘more use’ than him which had left him feeling ‘incensed’.

Evans also said the Jews were ‘not a race’. The judge conceded he thought the racial element was ‘a minimal part’ of the offence.

He said: “We’re all entitled to our thoughts and what we think about other people. The question is what one does with those thoughts. You understand your thoughts are delusional? Are you going to stop badgering and harassing people with these ideas that some people find, for good reason, offensive?

"What are you planning? Are you going to keep your thoughts to yourself and not send letters to different people and harass them?”

Evans said: “What you are in effect saying is that I must not express views that you don’t approve of.

“It seems a bit like Stalinist Russia to me. If you don’t agree with people, define them as mentally ill or as criminals."

Judge Pearce-Higgins, sentencing, gave Evans credit for his early guilty plea.

He said: “The matter came to the attention of police because Mr Walker felt uncomfortable about the content of the letters."

The judge praised the defendant’s 'long suffering wife' in the public gallery and encouraged her to continue to give her husband support.

Evans was fined £250 which he will pay within 28 days.

No restraining order was made in relation to Mr Walker because the judge felt it would be 'unworkable'. Mr Walker also did not seek to stop Evans having contact with him but believed contact should be limited to legitimate, constituency matters.