A TEENAGE lout stamped on a shopkeeper's son in an appalling attack captured on CCTV.

Ryan Scott was sentenced at Worcester Crown Court on Friday after admitting two affrays, criminal damage and racially aggravated public order.

Scott was handed a suspended sentence following two separate incidents, the first at a shop in Droitwich and the second at a railway station in Malvern, violence which continued on the train to Worcester.

The 19-year-old of Tew Park Road, Birmingham, can be seen on the footage, played in court, entering Costcutter in Farmer's Way, Droitwich with a group of friends on January 21 last year.

The manager, Jagdish Sohal, and his family were trying to close and he had already asked one of Scott's friends to leave because he was drunk said Laura Culley, prosecuting.

CCTV shows the group of youths gathered in the doorway as Mr Sohal and his son, Scott Carroll, attempt to shut the shop.

Laura Culley said Mr Carroll was repeatedly punched, kicked and stamped on by a number of people as Scott remained on top of him during the attack.

Miss Culley added: "Mr Sohal tries to get them off Mr Carroll by hitting out with a brush handle."

The shutters of the shop are brought down but Scott returns, throwing items including signs at the shutters, causing criminal damage.

Mr Sohal suffered an injured ankle in the incident. Miss Culley said: "He had been punched in the face and his ribs were sore. His main concern was for the safety of his son, Scott Carroll, who was being beaten up on the ground. He said it was very shocking. It was described as the most serious incident they have ever had."

Scott Carroll suffered bruising, soft tissue injuries and a cut to his back which he believed was caused by broken glass. When police attended Ryan Scott was described as being abusive which formed the racially aggravated public order offence. He also swore and called police "pigs".

The second affray happened on August 12 last year, beginning on the platform at Malvern railway station.

Miss Culley said one of a group of females with Scott got into an argument with a group of students over a cigarette which led to one of the female students being pulled to the ground and kicked in the stomach.

Scott also became involved, punching Callum McNally 'a number of times'. Both groups got on the train to Worcester, entering separate carriages, when one of the females from Scott's circle entered their carriage and the argument resumed.

Scott again became involved, punching a different male 'six or seven times'.

In police interview Scott admitted punching this male in the throat and eye and 'making him cry'.

"He only stopped when he realised there was someone present with a baby" Miss Culley said.

The female students were described as 'panicking and hyperventilating'. Police attended the railway station in Worcester and Scott was arrested.

"He said 'just nick me, I was defending a friend'" Miss Culley told the court.

Scott already has seven convictions for 23 offences including public order, resisting a constable, two batteries and two assaults on police officers.

Earl Pinnock, defending, said: "Both affrays are troubling offences." Mr Pinnock said Scott had been carrying a bottle when he entered the shop in Droitwich but had the good sense to put it down.

"I do accept he stamps on the complainant twice. It would have been very easy to stamp on his head but he did not. There were two stamps to the body.

"He is extremely immature. There's no running away from that."

Mr Pinnock said Scott had come from a background of 'domestic turbulence'.

Judge Nicolas Cole said: "The affray on January 21 2016 was Droitwich Spa at Costcutter was an appalling piece of behaviour.

"Mr Sohal was a shopkeeper running his business and he is entitled to do so without his store being invaded by young louts. That is what you and your friends were on on that occasion."

Mr Cole said it was fortunate that the injuries to the shopkeeper's son were not more serious and said even after the attack Scott could not leave it there, kicking and damaging the shop's shutters before using racially abusive terms to describe the family who ran the shop.

He said the incident on the platform and train were aggravated because he had been on bail at the time for the affray at the shop.

"You have an extensive record for someone so young" said judge Cole.

Scott was sentenced to 22 months detention in a Young Offender Institution, suspended for 18 months.

Scott must complete 150 hours of unpaid work and 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days,