A MAN accused of conspiring to bring cocaine in bulk into Worcester from Liverpool said he was in the northern city to watch boxing and visit boxing gyms.

David Warren is one of eight defendants accused of being part of a conspiracy to bring tens of thousands of pounds of cocaine into Worcester between September 6, 2011 and October 6, 2015.

The 42-year-old denies involvement, claiming he travelled to Liverpool to visit family, watch his nephew's professional boxing debut and with co-defendant Ashley James to visit professional boxing gyms where the heavyweight could get better sparring partners.

Warren of Grasmere Drive, Warndon, originally from Liverpool, was was seen at the Pig and Drum in Lowesmoor clutching a tennis ball sized package in both hands, at the Cardinal's Hat in Friar Street and Edwards cafe on May 7, 2015. He said he was either dropping off an invoice or collecting cash for security work and denied he had ever possessed 'a dirty phone'.

Warren, who has used cocaine in the past, claimed a carrier bag brought to his house by James probably contained boxing kit, not drugs or cash.

Warren said that the £200 he owed James was part of a £2,000 loan for a security contract at Sixways Stadium and nothing to do with supplying cocaine in bulk.

In cross-examination John Butterfield QC, prosecuting, asked Warren if he had any reason to be 'cagey' about his friendship with James in police interview but Warren said 'definitely not'.

Alleged drugs courier Liam Pearson, 51, of Aylton Road, Liverpool, was also called to the stand. He drove from Liverpool to Selborne Road West in Barbourne, Worcester, on June 23, 2015.

He claimed this journey was to collect £20,000 in cash for cars sold by a man called John Moorcroft but he was stopped on the M6 on his way back to Liverpool, his Ford Galaxy boxed in by several police cars. They seized nearly £30,000 in cash in a pillow case in his boot.

He said a phone he found on the passenger seat was not his. A Sat Nav was also seized but Pearson said no other addresses relevant to the investigation had been entered into the device.

The trial continues at Worcester Crown Court.