A HOMELESS man with mental health problems says he could be the next rough sleeper found dead after making an attempt on his own life.

Andy Crowe has either been sleeping rough or sofa surfing in Worcester for the last month.

The 42-year-old has been staying at a friend's in Warndon, Worcester but says he could end up dead like Cardon Banfield unless he gets help.

Mr Crowe suffers from depression, anxiety, anger management issues and alcohol dependence. He made an attempt on his life three weeks ago, taking an overdose of his medication before attempting to jump off Worcester bridge. However, a woman grabbed him and prevented him jumping. Police and an ambulance arrived and he spent the night in A&E at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

He said he had been told to leave his partner's home by social services and urgently needed temporary accommodation.

"I said to them 'you're making me homeless and I have mental health issues'. They just said 'go to the council'."

He has been sleeping in a fishing bivvy by the canal but says he hardly sleeps.

"It's not good, someone with mental health issues being out on the street."

Mr Crowe has been referred to Swanswell, the national alcohol and drug recovery charity. He has also been in touch with Fortis and has been given the contact number for the city council housing team.

His story comes as it's revealed that no review will be held into the death of homeless man Cardon Banfield unless another rough sleeper dies.