A PENSIONER forced to wear sandals in the snow can get his shoes on again after receiving treatment to reduce the swelling in his sore feet.

Paul Middleton, 75, of Dancox House, Worcester, says doctors have yet to give him a diagnosis after several visits to St John’s House surgery in Worcester and hospital referrals after he developed a raft of symptoms from April 2016.

As previously reported, his initial symptoms were a very dry mouth followed by bruises all over his body, particularly on his right leg, which began in August last year.

The final symptom involved his feet swelling up so he could no longer get his shoes on, forcing him to walk around in sandals in the snow before Christmas.

He said: “I’m no longer in my sandals. I’m now wearing shoes which I can’t do up (because of the swelling). I can’t fasten my shoes because of my feet. They’re still swollen but the swelling has done down. I’m quite happy at the moment with the way things are going.

“But I’m still extremely tired and can’t walk more than 50 to 60 yards. Things have improved but there’s still a long way to go. I feel more positive and have a GP who is friendly and helpful.”

He was assigned a new doctor at St John’s surgery who prescribed him blood pressure tablets and a diuretic to get rid of the water in his body which he says could be behind the swelling.

The problem with his feet began in November, his feet becoming swollen and painful which has affected his mobility. Doctors have told him he does not have rheumatism or arthritis and that it could simply be wear and tear, Mr Middleton said.