A DRUGS gang leader dubbed 'the puppet master' led a conspiracy to bring cocaine in bulk to the streets of Worcester, a court heard.

Mohammed Nasar was described as the leader of a gang which included his son, Aaqib Nasar, and lieutenants Steven Binning and Robert Degaris.

Their six week trial opened at Worcester Crown Court yesterday (Wednesday), all four men denying being part of the conspiracy to supply the class A drug.

The case includes covert police observations, DNA analysis, arrests, seizures of drugs and criminal cash and telephone evidence which the prosecution say shows links between the alleged conspirators.

John Butterfield QC, prosecuting, said: "This is a case about drugs and drug dealers.

"It's about an organised crime gang that went about organised efforts to sell cocaine at a wholesale level to provide large, bulk amounts to divide up and sell to street users of drugs, to peddle the misery of drugs to line their own pockets."

He described Mohammed Nasar, who worked at Kwik Fit in Worcester, as the 'general' leading the network, getting his 'underlings' or 'foot soldiers' to do the dirty work and take the risks.

He would give the 'captain's armband' to his son when he was 'off the field of play' said Mr Butterfield.

He added: "He acted as a puppet master, working to keep off the stage and out of sight but completely responsible for pulling the strings."

Mr Butterfield described Aaqib Nasar as 'following in his father's footsteps, running the family business of selling cocaine'.

Mohammed Nasar, aged 50, of Keswick Drive, Warndon, Worcester and Robert Degaris, aged 48, of Popert Drive, Worcester, deny conspiring to supply cocaine in Worcester between January 1, 2015 and December 8, 2016 (count 1).

This was said to be part of a conspiracy which also involved Ashley James, James Jones, Todd Porter, David Warren, Maurice James, Christopher Cornes, Marcus Henney and others who already stand convicted for their roles.

Mohammed Nasar, his son Aaqib, aged 22, of Bath Road, Worcester, and 35-year-old Steven Binning of Audley Drive, Kidderminster also stand accused of conspiring with Saheed Iqbal and others unknown to supply cocaine between January 1, 2015 and December 8, 2016 (count two).

Mohammed Nasar further denies conspiracy to transfer criminal property (cash) with Sarah Lancaster and others unknown (count three).

Two dealers, Chris Cornes and Marcus Henney, were arrested in a Ford Focus on May 13, 2015 after meeting with one of the alleged conspirators, Degaris, at City Gym in Worcester.

Police seized cocaine with a street value of between £15,000 and £22,500 from the car.

Officers then searched the address of Cornes, Henney and Todd Porter - 118 Bromyard Road, St John's, Worcester.

There police seized £35,000 in cash, £19,900 of it found in a wash basket. They also located what the prosecution say was a handwritten drugs list, penned by Cornes, showing cash changing hands and drugs supplied on tick. The list shows the initials and nicknames of some of the conspirators, the prosecution argue.

Mr Butterfield referred to meeting between conspirators at the tip in Bilford Road, Worcester, on May 28, 2015 when he said they were 'licking their wounds' and 'taking stock' following the two arrests.

David Warren, one of the convicted conspirators, worked at the recycling centre.

Mr Butterfield also referred to police observations of taxi driver Saheed Iqbal between June and November 2015.

The prosecution case is that cocaine and cash changed hands in a car park at B&Q in Kidderminster while the conspirators were under surveillance.

A white box containing cocaine was said to be handed over by Steven Binning from his van to taxi driver Iqbal.

Iqbal was arrested on November 13, 2015 with 1kg of cocaine worth up to £100,000 found behind a panel inside the taxi.

Meanwhile, Sarah Lancaster, said to be romantically involved with Mohammed Nasar, was arrested on December 11, 2015 with £19,980 in cash.

The prosecution say this was the proceeds of drug dealing which she picked up from Telford.

After Lancaster was released by police she went to Sin in New Street, Worcester to meet Mohammed Nasar.

Mr Butterfield said: "Why should she have wanted, having been arrested, to go to a nightclub? It's not the sort of thing you usually celebrate on a night out. She met up with Mohammed Nasar. She made a beeline for him."

Mr Butterfield said Nasar provided Lancaster with a 'dirty phone' and that DNA evidence linked both Nasar and Lancaster to the phone.

The trial continues.