A MAN has denied the murder of a disabled woman in Worcester who was found dead with a head injury.

Adrian Jenkins entered a not guilty plea to the murder of Julie Fox in Carnforth Drive, Worcester when he appeared before judge Robert Juckes QC today (Wednesday).

The 43-year-old of Carnforth Drive, Warndon, Worcester appeared in the dock of court two flanked by two female dock officers.

As previously reported the 51-year-old, who had cerebral palsy, was discovered dead at her home shortly before 6.50pm on Wednesday, December 27.

A post-mortem showed she had suffered a serious head injury caused by a blunt instrument.

Jenkins was first asked to stand and confirm his name by the clerk of the court before she said to him: "You are charged on this indictment with murder, the particulars being that between December 21, 2017 and December 27, 2017 you murdered Julie Fox. Are you guilty or not guilty?"

"Not guilty" he said.

Simon Davis, prosecuting, said the case would be adjourned away from Worcester to Birmingham Crown Court where the trial is expected to begin on June 11 and be heard by a High Court judge.

Nick Berry, defending, was asked by judge Juckes about the issue in the case.

Mr Berry said: "He denies knowledge of or involvement in the deceased's murder."

Mr Jenkins, who had short hair and a beard and wore an off-white cardigan, could be seen leaning forward to listen during the short afternoon hearing to prepare for the trial which is estimated to take between two and three weeks. Sixteen prosecution witnesses have been warned in advance of the trial.

The case is expected to involve CCTV evidence and possibly the use of screens/monitors in the court. The defendant's interview and voice analysis evidence will also feature.

It is hoped some of the evidence can be disclosed to the defence by March 16 and some by April 13.

Nick Berry, defending, said there would be an application for a Queen's Counsel to represent Jenkins in the trial.

Mr Davis said Andrew Smith QC is expected to be leading for the prosecution.

Jenkins was remanded in custody until the trial on June 11. This is before the defendant's custody time limit expires on July 6.