A DRUG addict who attacked a female police sergeant and a detention officer has had his jail sentence slashed on appeal.

Convicted fraudster Richard Doe was jailed for 26 weeks for two assaults in the cells at Worcester Police Station, possession of class A and class B drugs and breach of a community order.

The 38-year-old of William Tennant Way, Upton, appealed against his 'excessive sentence', imposed by magistrates in Kidderminster.

The sentence was reduced from 26 weeks to 16 weeks following an appeal hearing at Worcester Crown Court on Friday.

The decision to reduce the sentence was taken by recorder Robert Spencer-Bernard.

John Brotherton, prosecuting, said officers were called to New Street, Upton on February 10 this year. At the time Doe was wanted by police and a warrant had been issued for his arrest because he had breached a community order.

Mr Brotherton said Doe gave 'initially false details' but an officer identified him and he was arrested.

Doe told the officer he had taken heroin one hour previously and also had a rucksack with him which was found to contain cannabis.

Mr Brotherton said Doe told another man present with him: "Everyone is going to know you're a grass!"

Doe was taken to Worcester Police Station and placed in a cell but was observed by detention officer Matthew Hart 'acting suspiciously' and the appellant was informed he was going to be searched.

"He put in his hands in his pockets and began to struggle" said Mr Brotherton.

Sgt Sarah England held his wrists to prevent him taking his hands out of his pockets and he was told not to put anything in his mouth.

Mr Brotherton said: "During the course of that struggle he began thrashing his arms about and Sgt England was struck to her right cheek and left jaw.

"She was to receive reddening and swelling to her right eye socket, right cheek and reddening to the left side of her jaw.

"Her glasses were dislodged and her lanyard ripped from around the neck."

Matthew Hart received scratches and marks to both forearms during the struggle. Three wraps of heroin were recovered which Doe said was his 'personal stash'.

In interview he questioned how he could have assaulted the officer when 'his arm was twisted behind his back'.

The court heard how his last conviction was from May 8 last year for a fraud offence in Malvern for which he received a community order.

He was assessed as unfit to carry out unpaid work because of his substance misuse and had been issued with a methadone prescription.

Doe breached this by not attending a probation appointment on October 25 last year which is why the warrant for his arrest was issued.

The fraud committed with a co-defendant involved cheques stolen from Malvern Education Centre in August 2017.

Mr Brotherton said Doe had encouraged his co-defendant to cash the cheques, one of which was cashed into the co-defendant's account, who later returned to steal the entire cheque book. In total seven cheques were cashed to a value of £2,100 with around £900 going into Doe's account.

Tom Griffiths, for the appellant, said the injuries sustained were 'not serious in the context of the assaults'.

He said Doe's failure to attend an appointment had been because his relationship had ended and he was made homeless, losing touch with probation.

"I would submit the sentences are excessive in their nature" he said.

Recorder Robert Spencer-Bernard said: "Our unanimous decision is to allow the appeal in part."

He said it was accepted that the assaults happened on a 'reckless basis rather than being a deliberate attack'.

"Thank you" said Doe after he learned his sentence had been reduced by 10 weeks.