A “DISTRAUGHT” mum is appealing for witnesses after a driver knocked her 12-year-old son off his bike as he was crossing the road and then drove away.

Janice Hemming, from Worcester, claims her son, Ross, was out with a group of friends and although he alleges the road was clear before crossing, a car came around the corner and caught his back wheel which resulted in him being thrown off his bike.

Mrs Hemming, aged 34, said: “The car clipped the back of his wheel and he fell off his bike. It was very lucky she did not catch his legs else it could have been fatal. He had bruises all over his legs, a big lump like an egg shape on his head and grazes all over his body.

“If I hit a child with my car, I would make sure to help them and ensure they got home safely.”

Witness Claire Smith said the driver was a middle-aged woman wearing glasses with brunette hair in a silver Vauxhall Zafira. She claims the woman did check on the child briefly before driving off.

Ms Smith posted on Mrs Hemming’s Facebook post regarding the incident: “She did stop in the middle of the road. We were about five cars behind, and she was out on the road calling out to the kids, she looked very confused.

“She then got in the car and pulled over down by One Stop. I thought she was having a go at them the way she had stopped traffic on both sides. There were kids on bikes both sides of the road too. I didn't realise anyone had got knocked down.”

Mrs Hemming said: “I don’t think shouting across the street ‘are you ok’ is good enough. The lady in question should not have left the scene without out giving information and she should have made sure my boy got home ok.

“I want the person to come forward and apologise.”

Mrs Hemming added: “Ross told us he had to quickly pick himself up off the street and run to the pavement in case a car from the other side of the road came towards him.”

Mrs Hemming describes her son as a “worrier” and a “sensible boy”, claiming he was not able to leave the house for days due to shock from the incident.

She added: “I feel distraught and completely lost. I need information to find out what happened to put my mind to rest. I feel guilty about it all. I keep asking myself if I should have left him out, but I have to remember he is 12 years old and wants to be with his friends.”

The mum-of-three says her son’s brand-new bike, which he had at Christmas, has been destroyed from the crash and it will cost around £150 to be repaired.

The incident happened outside the shop One Stop, in Brickfields Road, Blackpole on April 10 between around 6.30pm to 7pm.

Mrs Hemming is pleading anyone with information to come forward. If you saw anything, contact the police on 101 quoting incident number 0746S of April 10, 2019.


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