CYCLISTS were targeted with drawing pins scattered in front of their path, and then filmed by the mindless offenders.

One of the cyclists later discovered they had nine thumb tacks stuck in their wheel following the reckless act on Sunday that could have lead to a serious injury of one of the riders.

Police are now investigating the incident that follows reports of cyclists being targeted nationwide including reportedly at the Velo race held in the county.

Iain Buchanan, from St John's Cycling Club, said: "There was 10 of us in the group out on the ride and the first incident happened at 9.45am, near Powick roundabout to Hanley Castle. A silver BMW was in front, and a handful of tacks were thrown out of the window. There were shouts of 'tacks' to warn others. Three of the riders suffered punctures."

Mr Buchanan said on the way back they then came across another group, who were roadside and who had also been targeted by tacks.

"One of the cyclists had nine drawing pins in a tyre," he said.

"They came back filming the cyclists. This was dangerous, no thought for the safety of riders. They might have thought they were having a bit of a laugh, but someone could come off a bike, and take out a group with them.

"In total they have cost hundreds of pounds in damage."

Paul Sobczyk, who deals with youth development at the club, said: "It is deeply concerning, hundreds of pins were thrown.

"We were travelling uphill when the tacks were thrown - it is every cyclist's worst nightmare to be going downhill at speed, and a tyre blow up.

"There was the potential for a serious accident. It was obviously premeditated and planned, they were driving round looking for cyclists."

Another of the riders on the St John's Cycling Club Facebook page, Andy Turner, added: "One can only wonder why these sad individuals would want to do something like this."

West Mercia Police was unavailable for comment.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101, quoting 232S of June 2.

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