‘WE need more funding’ – says school trust’s head following her visit to Number 10.

Kate Brunt, head of The Rivers Trust, visited Downing Street at the invitation of the Prime Minister to celebrate the success of Free Schools across the country - which are funded by the government but are not run by the local council.

Worcestershire has historically received some of the lowest levels of school funding in the country.

A long running campaign about fairer funding was launched to implement a fairer funding system and decrease the gap between Worcestershire and its neighbouring counties.

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Following her visit on May 30, Mrs Brunt says funding in education needs to be improved, adding: “Worcestershire is one of the poorest funded areas in the country. It is not fair funding. Worcestershire receives a lot less money per pupil than Birmingham.

“We need to make sure we give the children the best opportunities and ensure they have a ranged and enriched curriculum. It is important to keep being aspirational.”

During her visit, she met with Prime Minister Theresa May, education secretary Damian Hinds and academy minster Lord Theodore Avenue.

Mrs Brunt, aged 56, said: “It was amazing. Theresa May was asking us questions about the future of the new school and also thanking us for our hard work. She was very professional, calm and rational.”

North Worcester Primary Academy is set to open in September at the former Park and Ride site in Perdiswell. Over 55 pupils have enrolled ready for the opening in September.

Mrs Brunt, who has been involved in the education industry for 30 years, said: “I am really excited for the new school to open. It will be fantastic for the city. It is the most exciting experience I have come across while I have been in this industry.

“We hope to engage with the community and work with everyone. We want the site and resources to be used on weekends and school holidays to ensure it is not kept empty.”

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