A DRIVER clocked speeding at 112mph on the M5 claimed his accelerator had 'jammed' but the police officer who stopped him could find no fault with the car.

The officer who stopped the driver was a vehicle examiner and could find no defects after taking the car for a test drive. The driver will now have to appear in court.

A spokesperson for the Worcestershire Operations Patrol Unit said the driver was stopped between junction 7 (Worcester) and junction 8 (Strensham) on the southbound carriageway of the M5 at around 10.35pm on Tuesday evening.

He added: “The driver was stopped for excess speed. He stated the accelerator pedal jammed open. Fortunately for him the officer who stopped him is a vehicle examiner. A test drive confirmed no faults. The driver was reported.

“Court awaits. This was far too fast regardless of the time of night.”