A FORMER business director convicted of stealing electricity at a Worcester gym has appeared in court after so far failing to provide documents needed to recover the criminal cash.

Christopher Robinson of Ivy Crescent, Worcester, was convicted of illegally abstracting electricity at City Gym as the courts work to claw back the proceeds of this criminal activity.

He appeared at Worcester Crown Court yesterday for breaching the terms of an order but the matter was withdrawn when it was revealed that the probation service had the incorrect address for corresponding with the defendant - his former address at St Moritz Close in Worcester.

The 50-year-old was listed as a director of City Gym which was dissolved in May, 2016.

He was convicted of abstracting electricity between December 1, 2013 and January 30, 2015. He received a six week prison sentence suspended for 24 weeks and was ordered to complete unpaid work.

James Bruce, prosecuting, said the summons for Robinson had been withdrawn and that he had been instructed to attend Elgar House in Shrub Hill, Worcester, for an induction and unpaid work on June 24.

A proceeds of crime application was also drawn up to recover the money using the defendant’s assets.

Mr Bruce said if the defendant failed to provide a section 18 statement of means then the authorities made it clear ‘that is on the defendant’s shoulders and could be used against him’.

Ian Windridge, for Robinson, said: “Mr Robinson ran a number of limited company businesses as part of what he was doing for his gym business. Clearly the banks relating to each of these companies has had to be approached for information.

“The banks, despite Mr Robinson having given authority for them to provide information, have not done so” he said.

He added that if the banks did provide ‘serious resistance’ then a court order may be required as then the default would be theirs and not his client’s.

Robinson was told he must provide a statement of means (section 18 statement) on July 19 which the Crown must reply to by August 16.

A court hearing will take place on or after September 16 to resolve the proceeds of crime application.

Judge Nicolas Cartwright said: “Mr Robinson, it’s very important that the timetable is adhered to. This case has already suffered some slippage as a result of your failure to provide the necessary documents.”