A DIRTY dad who doctored pornographic images to make it look like he was having sex with children was reported to police by his own horrified daughter.

Grandfather and retired primary school teacher Terrence Inglis of Worcester was arrested after his daughter discovered the indecent 'pseudo' images, including photos of her dad naked, on his laptop and took the computer straight to city police.

Inglis, since disowned by his family, used computer programme Paint to create indecent ‘pseudo’ images of children, cutting and pasting the heads of girls as young as six onto adult bodies and adding his own head to that of adult males to make it look like he was having sex with children.

The 66-year-old of Infirmary Walk, Worcester, admitted three counts of making indecent pseudo images of children - 260 at category A, 360 at category B and 33 at category C.

Category A is considered the most serious as it involves images of penetrative sexual activity though no actual abuse of children took place.

Adam Western, prosecuting, said five days after Inglis pleaded guilty on May 16 his offender manager discovered more similar images which will be the subject of a further police investigation.

However, this forensic analysis of the computer is expected to take a further 12 months because of a backlog of sexual offence cases in the courts so judge Nicolas Cartwright agreed to sentence Inglis, warning him that he was at risk of a future prosecution.

Mr Western said it was defendant’s daughter who reported him to police after visiting his city flat with her partner and two children.

He told the court: “The defendant was showing something to his daughter on his laptop. When she looked at the screen she saw some folders with titles ‘naked pics’, ‘best naked’ and ‘kiddie’. "His daughter was understandably concerned and returned later that day to look at the laptop and open the folders and found images of her father naked photoshopped with other men kissing, touching and engaged in sexual intercourse with very young girls aged about six to seven years in her opinion.

"She took the laptop to Worcester Police Station and the defendant was arrested later that night."

In interview Inglis said the images were designed to simulate sexual activity between adults and children but there were no actual images of naked children.

He searched the internet for images of child models and manipulated them to make it look like sex was taking place between adults and children.

When asked about the ages of the girls he said they were 'any age', ranging from about six years to teenagers through to women in their 20s.

Asked if he had a sexual interest in children he said he was sexually aroused by 'fantasy pictures' and taking it to a 'forbidden level', an interest which had

developed over the last couple of years.

He had been a teacher for 35 years and a primary school teacher for 30 years 'with no sexual thought about children at all'.

Glenn Cook, defending, said: "His family have effectively disowned him. He's not seen any of this three children since the discovery of the device, or his two grandchildren."

He said his client was 'isolated and depressed' and had been prescribed anti-depressants.

"He has just effectively lost everything including his family and his good character and he's very much isolated" said Mr Cook.

Mr Cook said Inglis had accepted that he 'manufactures these images for his own sexual gratification'.

"He did not know at the time of committing this offence that what he was doing was in fact against the law and wrong" said Mr Cook.

Judge Nicolas Cartwright, who declined to view the images, said: "The real seriousness of offences which involve indecent images of children is that the children in the images are the real victims of rape and other very serious sexual offences and the demand for these images drives the original sexual offending and the victimization of real children.

"That is plainly not the case here and therefore there's no harm of that actual kind because the images were created in the way I have just described.

"Having said that, you plainly have a sexual interest in very young girls which is very troubling.

"It was a very deliberate and sophisticated thing you did to create these images in order to satisfy your own sexual fantasies." The judge sentenced him to a two year community order to include 40 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

Inglis was made subject to a five year sexual harm prevention order which restricts his use of computers, prevents him deleting files and using private browsing or incognito mode.

The order further prohibits him from having unsupervised contact with children under the age of 16 other than is unavoidable or inadvertent in the course of daily life.

Notification and registration provisions apply.